12 Great Wedding Shots Only Professionals Can Offer

12 Great Wedding Shots Only Professionals Can Offer

So, is it all about the bride and groom in the wedding? Should you only focus on what they do, what they wear, how they pose, their arrival, departure and other stuffs they do in the ceremonies? If you’re new to wedding photography, your answer would be “Yes, of course, wedding is all about giving a complete coverage to the couple”. Even if you call yourself a professional wedding photographer, your answer could be the same, but it’s not true.

Things have changed and so as the wedding photography. Now, you have to cover the wedding from every angle, and cover it in such a manner that there should be no excuses and no penalties.

12 Great Wedding Shots Only Professionals Can Offer

Remember, if you work in places like Toronto, they would literally sue you for anything below their expectations. And this is the only reason why Fusion Events Wedding Planner better than anyone else in the business today. Even photographers seem to like the wedding planning company Toronto, because of their unique themes and creativity.

 There are as many as 12 areas to focus on. And quite frankly, you can make a huge difference if you include these shots in the wedding album:

1. The Wedding Venue: Setting the scene of the wedding is very important and a great way to start any album.It may be worth asking the couple before the wedding what attracted them to this particular venue and keep this in mind when starting the story.

2. The Details: Brides spent time and effort in choosing the theme and colors, so make her efforts count. The best wedding shots get in close and experiment with different photo compositions to create visually interesting images.

3. The Dress: There is nothing to debate about in this section, but keep in mind the setting of the dresses.

 4. The Beauty Shot: According to professional wedding photographers, you have to be very careful choosing and using the lens. Then decide whether to shoot in black and white or color.

5. The Boys: You can use 70-200mm lens to capture the boys, as they don’t like to pose for stiff photographs.

 6. The First Look: The moment the father of the bride sees his daughter for the first time can be a very emotional moment and does not need to be posed. Don’t forget to seize the moment!

7. The Big Entrance: Now that big stage and atmosphere has been set by Toronto wedding planners, the ball is in your court. Be careful about each and everything. Make sure the color temperature is in balance.

8. The Guests: A good idea to capture every important guest is to have a shoot-list sorted out with bride and groom.

9. The Bride and Groom: It depends upon your creativity and imagination how you make the couple look different. Be creative and experiment with different lenses.

10. The Kids: Let the kids play and have fun. Capturing natural expressions of kids make albums lively.

11. The First Dance: Try capturing the pictures with flash off and using a sync cord. Otherwise, it’s a tricky task.

12. The After Party: It is a great time to capture the essence of the party when everyone is relaxed and in the mood to be photographed. So, be ready then!

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