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How To Find The Best Coupons For What You're Shopping For For some, couponing is more than just a way to save a few bucks, it’s a way of life. Shows like Extreme Couponing have shown the side of couponing that’s, well, extreme. While it’s definitely the more extreme side, some people actually spend hours and hours per week clipping coupons and finding the best deals.

Fortunately in today’s technologically advanced world, finding coupons that you can use is easy, and doesn’t require a pair of scissors and the Sunday paper. Mobile coupons, email coupons, and even location based coupons are all easily discoverable and there to save you money. Check out these tips on how you can find coupons for just about every one of your daily purchases.

Online Deals Sites

A great first place to start when looking for some coupons is online deals sites. Sites like compile coupons from all over the web and sort them by both category and store, so you can easily find great savings for whatever you’re looking for. Regardless of whether you’re looking for coupons from Macy’s or coupons from Expedia, chances are you’ll find what you’re looking for on an online couponing site.

No matter what you’re looking for, make sure to check online deals sites for coupons before you go about purchasing. Chances are you’ll find a coupon that can help you save money.

Mobile Apps

Many retailers now are offering in-app coupons that could save you big bucks on a wide variety of purchases. Even grocery stores are getting in on the mobile app couponing craze; some stores have mobile apps that allow you to preload coupons onto your mobile device, and then use them when you’re in the store.

But mobile app coupons aren’t limited to just grocery stores. Other major retailers like Target and Best Buy have mobile apps that you can download and see their coupons and specials, and make shopping lists to see how much you’ll save. If you plan on shopping at a major retailer, do yourself a favor and see if they have a mobile app that could potentially save you a significant amount of money.

Email Offers

Sometimes, finding a great deal on something is as easy as browsing through your email inbox. Retailers often times include special one time use codes in emails that could save you lots of money. While it may not be fun to be bombarded with emails every morning, the potential savings are huge if you’re subscribed to multiple email lists from different retailers.

One idea is to create a separate email account that you use solely to sign up for deals and emails from various retailers. That way it won’t bombard your personal email with emails all the time, and you can easily go through and find the emails that contain potential coupons. Having all these emails go to your personal inbox might clutter the inbox, so creating a separate email account just for deals is a great idea.

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