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For the longest time my wife had been asking me to get a dog. She had one growing up and loved it.

This was going to be our first step in preparing for a child. It seems like most couples get a pet before a child to see if they can deal with the responsibility. After all, if a dog requires attention, then a child will require ten times more attention! If you can’t handle the dog yet, you won’t be able to handle the child.

So we set out to find our dog. There are so many breeds to choose from. And that was the first thing we needed to consider.

#1 – What Type of Breed do you Want?

As there are so many breeds of dogs to choose from, you have to research what each one brings. We wanted a dog that was active, friendly and not so big. We didn’t want to spend $100 a week or more feeding them.

You have to sit down and really think about what each dog brings and what you are looking for. There are plenty of great websites out there to help you learn more about each breed.

It also should be noted that pure breeds also cost more. This is something we wanted but couldn’t afford since we were just married and still not advanced enough in our careers.

The second thing we had to consider was something we totally overlooked.

2 Things To Consider Before Getting A Dog

#2 – Who’s going to Look After Them?

My wife works full time and so do I. I guess you could say we both are nine to fivers! This caused a big problem that we didn’t think about early on. That was who was going to look after the dog when we were at work.

The early days of a dog’s life are much like a child’s. They’re still figuring things out and can be a handful. Leaving them at home was a dangerous move as they could tear the house down. Well, not exactly, but my wife was scared our dog would do some serious damage.

That’s when we started looking into a Victoria Dog daycare provider. We wanted someone who really understood dogs and had a deep experience of them. When we looked into Ben Kersen and the Wonderogs, we found out that we had been training dogs for almost 30 years. He was also training people to become dog trainers themselves.

We knew that Ben and his doggy day care was were we wanted our dog to hang out while we were at work.

This turned out to be expensive but we knew our dog was going to be in the right hands with Ben. And that our home was always going to be in one piece when we got home from work.

Hopefully I’ve shed some light on two important things to consider when getting a dog. And if you’re looking for kennels in Victoria BC, look no further than The Wonderdogs.