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Are you a born leader who enjoys teaching others? If so, developing and hosting a web conference could be a great way for you to generate a successful online revenue stream. Web conferences aren’t hard to host and they aren’t expensive to develop.

If you’re looking to explore the wonderful world of web conferencing there is no better method for generating online revenue in a relatively short period of time. Web conferences are a great method for making money. It’s no wonder all of the Internet’s major players seem to be jumping on the bandwagon.

For those of who are new to web conferences, creating one may appear to be a daunting task. It doesn’t have to be. There are several methods to use to make the process easier for everyone involved. To help you in your quest we’ve compiled a list of helpful tips to assist you in creating a profitable and successful web conference.

1. Schedule the web conference in advance. Give participants about a week’s lead time to read invitations and sign up for the web conference.

2.  Schedule a reminder to be sent out 24 hours in advance to remind folks about the web conference.

3.  Close any background programs that could pop up or interfere with the web conference. You’ll be sharing your screen and a sudden IM from hotandsexy29 could be quite embarrassing.

4.   If you plan to share your browser, clear your browsing history. You never know what types of links or sites could be considered offensive to attendees.

5.   Test everything ahead of time and then sit still and wait. You’d be surprised to learn how many tiny issues can suddenly pop up, potentially putting a web conference in jeopardy.

6.   Record every webinar you produce. If you don’t like it, you can always delete it later. Programs like Camtasia and Screenflow are excellent for recording video and audio during a web conference. Or you can research how to choose a web conferencing provider who can do it for you.

7.   Keep background noise to a minimum. A little noise is human, but a screaming baby in the background is obnoxious.

8.    Never trust the mute button. Watch what you say during the conference. If you say anything that you wouldn’t want to be overheard, chances are your mute button won’t function properly at that very moment. Never assume you are off the air.

9.    Use nice presentations to keep the audience engaged. Some interesting images and text to eliminate talking heads is always a positive.

10.   Bullets should not be used in presentations. They aren’t attractive, and they’re boring.

11.   Use a dual sign-up list for web conference registrations so that attendees are automatically included in your email list. Sometimes we promise to send attendees certain materials and if you don’t have their emails, this could make fulfilling a promise extremely difficult.

12.   During the web conference, speak slowly and vary your tone. It helps people understand and makes the web conference less boring.

13.   Promote your web conference registration page as much as possible and entertain the possibility of obtaining affiliate links that lead to registration pages. This ensures that the web conference is well publicized and everyone has a chance to sign up.

14.   Offer cash incentives to affiliates for web conference sign-ups. This is a great way to motivate people to send traffic your way.

15.   Never forget that you are selling. It’s important that you remember to offer attendees value, and keep them perpetually enticed.

16.   When it’s time to make the pitch, hit a homerun. Go all out. Some people say you should pitch early in, while others say wait for later. This can vary, but when the time comes, just do it.

17.   If you happen to forget to hit the record button in midstream don’t be afraid to send out an email to see if someone recorded the session. This happens to all of us and more than likely, someone will be happy to send a copy your way.

18.   Don’t overthink the Q&A session.

19.   Never forget to thank attendees for coming at the close of the seminar. Don’t just end the web conference without saying anything.

20.   Always send an email thank you within 24 hours of the web conference. You can use that as a last ditch effort to make a pitch just in case someone missed the original offer.

These 20 tips should give you an excellent start for creating your first web conference. The first one is always nerve wracking, but it gets better as time goes on. You can make a lot of money hosting web conferences. Don’t hold back- get in the game and start making some money!

Freelance writer Sophie Evans works from the home she shares with her family in Balboa Beach, CA. Her husband Rick and son and daughter enjoy spending time at Disneyland- Evans is a huge fan. She is also a self-confessed Starbucks junkie. She researches web conferencing on