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It’s easy to hoard useless items but whether you’re moving home or simply trying to impress the in-laws, there comes a time when these objects need to go. Unfortunately, getting rid of clutter isn’t always quite as straightforward as collecting it; so here are a few helpful suggestions:

1. Try to create an open space in which to sort through your clutter. Unless you’re going to throw out the lot, you’ll need to centralise your work load before sorting.

2. Using piles is a great way to separate the useful from the not so useful.

3. Those items which you are sure can be thrown out should be dealt with immediately. Your task will become easier with each item you dispose of.

4. Set strict rules about what sort of things need to go and stick to them!

5. Make a realistic estimate of how much storage space you have.

6. For the clutter which you can neither bring yourself to dispose of nor store at home, consider putting some of your belongings into a storage space. This is a great compromise, allowing you to hold on to the necessities without clogging up your home.

7. Anything which hasn’t been used since you bought it needs to go. However great a bargain it may have been at the time, you won’t get your money’s worth tripping over it in the hallway.

8. Don’t feel you have to take on the task all in one go. Consider splitting the job into several sessions to make it more manageable.

9. Continue to de-clutter at regular periods. Failure to do so will result in items accumulating once again.

10. If something you don’t need is still usable, don’t throw it away. Donate these items to charity shops or give them away to friends.

11. Keep track of where things are going. Organising your clutter will only make life easier for you.

12. Don’t shy away from the backs of drawers and cabinets and de-clutter every part of your home.

13. Address the habits which allow you to acquire so much clutter in the first place. Think carefully and honestly about whether you need an item before bringing it home.

14. If you need encouragement to take on the task, begin by de-cluttering just one space. You will soon see the benefits and will be motivated to continue the task throughout your home.

15. Get others involved with the de-cluttering process. Often, outside involvement can spur you to do away with items you may otherwise be tempted to hang onto.

16. Remember that every room needs attention, so go through crockery, cutlery, clothing and ornaments when de-cluttering

17. Host a de-cluttering party where you invite friends and family over and give them free reign on your possessions. Mark anything which you want to keep with a clear label and then let them have the pick of the rest.

18. Anything which is taking up valuable room but which is still in good condition should be sold. Car boot sales, online auction sites and personal ads are all great ways to clear unwanted possessions.

19. Invest in efficient storage to make the most of your limited space and reduce clutter.

20. Work logically through your home, tackling one room at a time. Start with smaller spaces and reward yourself when the task is completed.

Louisa Logan recently downsized and found herself having to get rid of a lot of things she could hardly remember acquiring. She used Access Storage to store extra furniture for when her children move out of home and her militaristice approach to de-cluttering allows her to live in smaller abode junk free!