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2013 Ford Mustang

The new 2013 Ford Mustang.

Are you interested in the 2013 Mustang car? This year the Mustang has some improvements. The front of the car now has a better looking more prominent grille, new headlights, and front splitter, and it has outboard LED light pipes. The hood has new heat extractors too.

The tailpipes of the new Mustang have LED light ropes and the lenses are tinted. There are gloss-black panels that span the rear of the vehicle and they cover both the taillights. You’ll find new wheel designs with 17, 18, and 19 inch tire sizes available on the new 2013 Mustang. On the GT model you can get black 19 inch tires. In the 2013 lineup there are two new colors which are “Got to have it Green” and “Deep Impact Blue”. For those that like gizmos you have projection lights that will cast the famous Mustang logo on the ground below your mirrors when your door isn’t locked.

The inside.

On the inside of the car there are Recaro front seats which you’ll find on the Boss 302 and the GT500 currently but will be included on the entire 2013 lineup. You c?n get upholstery in leather or cloth. You will also find some upgrades to the sound system of the vehicle and an infotainment system as well which has a version of the popular Ford sync system.

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Some versions of the car such as the Boss 302, V-6, and GT feature the tracks Apps option where you can see various performance data on a digital display. You can see your breaking performance and acceleration among other important data.  There’s more horsepower with 452 instead of the old 412 in the GT 5.0 liter V-8 also.

The electric power steering of the vehicle has a multi-mode feature this year so there’s a steering boost in the car. The car will handle better and is more fun to drive on curvy roads thanks to the new steering. The car has parking sensors, a dual zone climate control, and there’s an HD radio too in this version of the vehicle. You can customize the car the way you want with hood scopes, various paint jobs, and different decal packages to get the look that you want in your Mustang.


Most reviews off this new car so far are quite positive with the car rating high in many areas such as performance, quality, and safety. 2103 looks to be a good year for the Mustang.

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