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The sun appears to be making a bit more of an effort to come out in the last few weeks, making many of us believe that summer is finally here (but don’t say it too loud or it might go away again)! As a result, we’re now looking to dust off the summer clothes and find out what still fits us and what’s still in fashion. After all, the trends can change as quickly as the British weather!

The question remains, however, what are this summer’s “must haves”, and what can you team them up with so that you don’t go breaking the bank? After all, it’s great to look on trend and be comfortable and stylish in the sun this summer, but if you’ve got no money left to enjoy yourself, what’s the point?


While many of us will be heading off to the beach, spending some time splashing about in the sea, others will be splashing a touch of the nautical theme on in the form of our clothing. Red, white and blue are very popular colours right now, especially when put together, as stripes give you that feeling of being on the coast no matter where you are.

Continuing the boat theme, boat shoes are always a great option. Flip flops are great and perfect for the beach or showing off the pedicure, but boat shoes can give you both style and comfort, letting you walk into a stylish restaurant on the beach front and avoid getting turned away for wearing flip flops!


Looking for something to make your existing outfit a bit brighter? Then look no further. Bright, high-visibility neon colours, like yellow or orange are popular for the guys, as are the bright sunglasses – so if you’re thinking about going to Ultralase to get your eyes done in time for you to don the sunnies this summer, now is the time. For the ladies, bright neon nail varnish will always brighten up your classic outfits or bring your old ones back to life. Pinks, greens and yellows are always popular and will look great no matter what colours you’re wearing.

You’ve got to think about the accessories, too, and what more could a woman want to really stand out, than a neon clutch bag? You could be wearing neutral colours or a simple but stylish outfit, and set the whole thing off with a neon bag that draws the eye – simple, but effective.


print tshirts

The t-shirts and tops with celebrity faces on or famous locations have been around for a few years now, but the print trend just won’t go away. Jungle print shirts in particular have become popular among men, with many choosing to roll their sleeves up and work on the tan, (and also show off the biceps on the beach!)

Tops with tropical themes such as palm trees or sun-kissed sandy beaches are in high demand, and the board shorts are as popular as ever, with floral themes adding a splash of colour to the lower half of the outfit, allowing you to wear anything on the top half.