2018’s Unmissable Events For Car Enthusiasts

2018’s Unmissable Events For Car Enthusiasts

There’s a great line-up of motorsports events next year. Here’s a taste of what’s in store, but be warned: book tickets and a place to stay as soon as you can because these events are getting more and more popular.

2018's Unmissable Events For Car Enthusiasts

Head for Birmingham And See Two Great Events

First of all, at the NEC there’s the Practical Classics Restoration and Classic Car show. It’s on between the 23rd and 25th of March. This is a fairly new show, but it should be great – they’re expecting over 20,000 classic car enthusiasts, and there will be upwards of 1000 cars to see. These are expected to include everything from fully restored classics to cars that have been discovered in outhouses and haven’t yet been subject to any restoration.

If you’re in Birmingham serviced apartments offer a great way to stay in the center but take advantage of another event happening at Redditch – it’s just a 15-mile drive away, so worth taking in at the same time. This is a cars and coffee event that takes place on the 25th of March and is very much a gathering of classic car fans and their classic cars.

A firm called Great Escape Cars hires out classic cars, and it will be giving £1 to charity every time a classic car arrives at the show. You can find out about Birmingham serviced apartments here: Birmingham Serviced Apartments from http://www.8waterloostreet.co.uk.

2018's Unmissable Events For Car Enthusiasts

La Dolce Vita at Brooklands

For a touch of class try Auto Italia, the Italian car day at Brooklands which is on May the 5th. Turn up in an Italian car, be it a Ferrari or a Fiat, and you can park in a special area. Great track demonstrations and a generally joyful day out.

If kit cars are your thing, then you have to see the national Kit Car Show at Stoneleigh on the 6th and 7th of May – that’s the bank holiday. Lots of trade stands and lots to look at for the DIY car enthusiast.

According to the Daily Telegraph, Lewis Hamilton has promised to stop celebrating his last win and get back on form.

Between the 6th and 8th of July, Silverstone hosts the Formula 1 British Grand Prix, so we’ll get a chance to see whether he lives up to his promise.

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