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Three Awesome WiFi-Based GadgetsWe truly live in the age of discovery.  While the lightbulb, television, and rotary dial telephone were once revolutionary inventions, we now have things like in-store scan-to-pay mobile apps; cordless remote controls that simulate object interaction (the Wii); and touch-less voice commands that enable us to call, send messages, or navigate to a new address without ever using our hands.

An emerging trend in new tech gadgets seems to be the utilization of WiFi, as a wireless network connection allows for a whole new world of feature and function options.  Functions like voice command, remote control and monitoring, and device sync are wildly popular, and can be utilized in a myriad of ways.

Consider these wild and awesome WiFi-based inventions of 2013, which can impress even those born in the new millennium:

1. Wifi Door Lock

Developed and manufactured by Lockitron, this keyless door lock gadget promises to revolutionize home security and access. Consisting of a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection, the gadget allows you to lock and unlock your door from any smartphone or web browser. A complementary mobile app sends notifications when the door has been locked or unlocked, while a knock sensor sends an alert when someone knocks on the door. And if you enable the Bluetooth connection, Lockitron can detect when you’re about to enter your home – and unlock the door for you, without command. Best of all: it fits right over your current deadbolt, so you can easily take the unit with you if you move.

Pretty nifty, right?

Lockitron announced the wifi door lock last year, and plans to roll it out this summer. You can reserve yours now for $179.

2. Eye-Fi Media Card

This powerful little SD card utilizes wireless networks to transfer photo data. Equipped with built-in Wi-Fi and data storage capacity, the Eye-Fi SD card communicates between your camera and computer, tablet, or even smartphone over a Wi-Fi connection. Once you configure the receiving end, photos will transfer wirelessly when the camera and receiving device are within the same wireless connection. No cords or adapters are necessary, and you don’t even have to remove the SD card from the camera. And for travelers roaming through multiple WiFi networks, never fear: you can use the built-in “direct mode” network on the SD card to establish a connection.

Cards start at $49.99, and vary in price based on storage capacity.

3.  Samsung F457 Front-Loading Washer 

What will they think of next? Samsung has rolled out the latest in clothes-washing technology: a washing machine that can be monitored and controlled via an app and WiFi remote. The Smart Control app is available on the iOS and Android platforms, and allows you to control wash cycle settings, as well as receive alerts when your laundry is finished…even if you’re not home.  The sleekly-styled machine also features an 8-inch LCD touch-screen control panel, as well as industry-leading washing technology like PowerFoam for deep stain fighting and SpeedSpray for water shot rinsing.

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