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While customers love a restaurant that offers an array of appetizing dishes and at great prices, along with stellar customer service, customers also like a restaurant that’s lively and fun. In order to attract customers and ensure they have a good time, many restaurants schedule nights for live entertainment such as live musicians or bands. While many like a nice tune to listen to while enjoying a good meal, restaurants can also capture the interest of customers by hosting game nights with prizes for customers to win.

If you’re the manager of a restaurant or bar and are looking to jazz up your restaurant with more entertainment and fun to keep guests entertained, here are three fun games that customers are sure to love.

  1. The Price is Wrong
    Based off the popular game show “The Price is Right,” contestants compete to guess the price of a strange and fairly unusual item. Each contestant is given a small dry-erase board and a marker. The host puts up a picture of the item, preferably on a large screen such as an overhead projector. Contestants are given thirty seconds to guess the price of the item. After the time ends, everyone holds up their sign to guess the price of the item. Whoever guesses closest without going over wins a prize. What makes this game a lot of fun is that the host puts up very uncommon items that no one has probably ever bought and has no clue as to the cost.
  2. Spin the Lottery Wheel
    This game is a great way for restaurants to thank customers for coming to their restaurant. You have the option to buy a lottery wheel without numbers and write them yourself, or buy one with numbers. Have contestants pick a number to determine which number the wheel will land on. Whoever picked the number that the wheel landed on wins a prize. Customers are sure to love this game. After all, what customer wouldn’t enjoy a free gift just for eating at a restaurant? Also, a lottery wheel makes for a great decorative design in your restaurant.
  3. Trivia
    If there’s one game you can’t go wrong with, it’s trivia. Customers enjoy the excitement in determining who’s smarter by answering challenging question. Best of all, this game never ends as you can ask questions on an array of topics. Simply provide customers with a pen and paper and have a host stand with a microphone asking the questions. To make the game interesting, you can ask silly and outrageous questions that will leave guests puzzled.

In regards to prizes, you can give customers what prizes you deem fit, but t-shirts, cups, and gift cards are common. Also, by giving away these items, whether they are personalized with the name of your restaurant or not, customers are sure to tell others of how they won a free prize at your restaurant.

Jillian Johnson is a professional content writer with an interest in entertainment and business. Follow her @MissWritey.