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The IT industry continues to evolve. From new applications to high-end components, information technology is a burgeoning field with countless opportunities. As a result, IT experts continue to be in demand across multiple sectors. While IT revolves around intricate systems and data management, healthcare companies utilize this brand of engineering in several departments. Whether it’s patient care or data storage, IT professionals play a pivotal role in healthcare administration and services. While the recent fiscal crisis impacted both fields, both domestic and global healthcare firms are still seeking out IT pros.

As an industry leader in healthcare, Epocrates is one of the most innovative companies in the field. They specialize in software creation for doctors and healthcare firms. These highly designed applications assist in treatment recommendations. They also help furnish information on drug interactions, along with patient records and maintenance. While pharmaceutical in nature, Epocrates’ base includes mobile access to electronic health records as well. To ensure optimal performance, the company is hiring IT professionals from all sectors. IT experts are currently managing patient health records for both remote and wireless customers. To tap into this highly advanced field, simply contact Epocrates today.

SynCardia Systems
SynCardia is another healthcare firm that is currently looking for IT graduates. The company specializes in mobility for artificial-heart recipients. In fact, SynCardia is the only company in the nation that makes FDA-approved artificial hearts. As industry leaders in coronary replacement, they are seeking qualified IT experts to help manage and run their data infrastructure. According to a recent study, 79% of patients were able to sustain the company’s man-made hearts. This was a ten-year study, which further cemented SynCardia’s role in helping heart patients live longer. To find out more about their IT jobs, simply contact the company today.

Voxiva specializes in high-end mobile applications. These programs help users with a range of medical ailments and issues. This includes smoking cessation, along with timely and effective diabetes management. Voxiva is always looking for highly qualified IT personnel. In fact, they need IT experts to help manage existing programs, while helping to develop new ones. The company recently partnered with the U.S. government to launch Text4Baby. This is an innovative mobile program, which helps pregnant women across the nation. The company has also extended its teach to help poor countries like Rwanda. For more information on IT positions, contact Voxiva today.

Cleveland Clinic
Cleveland Clinic has also strived to make patient experiences better. With a range of innovative and cutting-edge programs, the clinic is currently seeking IT experts to help manage existing and new data. Whether it’s patient record management or client satisfaction, the Clinic employs only the highest caliber of IT professionals in the industry. With their new programs, patient complaints have dropped over 40% since 2009. In addition, Patient satisfaction scores have increased, while outcomes have been timely and successful across the board. If you want to join a thriving and competitive enterprise, contact Cleveland Clinic today.

SafePoint offers a range of timely solutions for global health care issues. This includes a low-cost syringe, which prevents the reuse of syringes in African and Asian countries. The syringe designed by Marc Koska, and is utilized to prevent fatalities that occur from previously used syringes. To help manage their infrastructure and global base, the company is in need of highly qualified IT professionals. While their signature syringe product has been on the marketplace for eight years, the company was recently commissioned to provide services in 14 countries. As a result, their global awareness has reached well over 500 million people. If you want to work for a challenging and philanthropic company, contact SafePoint today.

Dan Hester is an IT specialist and guest author at, where he contribute to the guide to the Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in Computers and IT.