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3 Steps To Avoid Fundraising Failure

The great thing about being human is that we are filled with emotions.  Well, sometimes this can get us in trouble, but it is a good thing nonetheless.  Sometimes we get so passionate about something that we want to promote it to the world, but how do we do that?  Well, you can start a fundraiser to raise money and awareness to help promote whatever it is that you are passionate about.  Now, doing a fundraiser is a big undertaking, and there are some things that you really want to pay close attention to when you are in the early planning stages, and here are a few of things to keep in mind:

Create Specific Goals

This is essential.  The more specific your goals are, the more successful your fundraiser will be.  Know exactly how much money you want to raise, but more importantly make sure everyone on board, from your staff to the people actually giving the money, has a very clear idea of what the money will be accomplishing.  The more you can help everyone envision what the goals are the better.

Know Who Your Target Audience Is

So, you have this particular passion, and that is great, but how do you find other’s with the same passion.  If you are passionate about finding homes for stray cats, then you need to go to the local animal shelter or contact cat loving organizations.  You need to know how to find people that share your same enthusiasm.  These are not only the people who might be willing to give to your cause financially, but they will be most likely the people who will be willing to give of their time to aid in your fundraising event.

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Develop a Marketing Plan

If you want to attract even a decent size amount of people to come to your fundraising event, then you need to have a marketing plan in place.  Now, there are always paid ads like internet advertising and newspaper ads, but if you are operating on a tight budget, then there are also a lot of free ways to advertise like on Craigslist, for example.

While there are other things to consider, having these three steps in mind will help make sure that you start your fundraiser off in the right way.  I wish you all the best.  Remember to always keep things exciting and upbeat.  After all, you are doing this all for a good cause.

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