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3 Tips For Cheap Dining

It is estimated that the average American eats out at restaurants approximately 4.2 times per week. A typical meal at a fast food restaurant without up-sizing fries and drinks may cost between $5 to $8. A typical meal at a casual dining restaurant may be closer to about $15 after a drink and tip are included. Paying for a few meals out several times a week can add up to a costly aspect of your monthly budget. However, if you regularly dine with a spouse or the entire family, the cost of dining out can become exorbitant. While expensive, dining out is enjoyable for many, and you may not be willing to give up dining out entirely. By following a few key tips, however, you can make dining out more affordable.

A La Carte Options
One of the best ways to reduce the grand total of your restaurant bill is to order a la carte options. At fast food restaurants, this may not yield cost savings. However, if you are at a casual dining restaurant or a nicer restaurant and you have no intention of eating the sides or want smaller portions, ordering a la carte can help you to save money. A secondary benefit is that you will order a meal that is more suitable to your palate and appetite.

Share a Meal
Some restaurants are known for serving huge portions. If you frequent a restaurant where the meal sizes are large, or if you happen to glance at the portions on other diners’ plates and notice the large portions, ask your dining partner if he or she would like to share a meal with you.

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Drink Water
Restaurants enjoy a considerable profit margin on drinks. It is not uncommon, for example to pay $2-3 for a glass of iced tea or soda. The restaurant’s actual cost for those drinks, however, many be significantly less. After all, you can buy a box of two dozen tea bags for less than it costs to get glass of iced tea at your typical restaurant. Your drink at a restaurant in some cases be be priced as much as 20 to 40 percent of your total meal cost, if not more. Keep in mind that alcoholic beverages typically cost more than soda and tea. Opting to drink water is one of the best ways to making dining out more affordable.

When you sit down at a restaurant to review the menu, consider these tips. By ordering a la carte or sharing a meal and choosing water as your beverage, you can save a considerable amount of money while eating out.

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