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In the 21st-century, you may be looking for the best roof replacement company capable of helping you lower your energy bills. The need for better levels of insulation in your roof is highlighted by the changing climate and desire of most homeowners to look beyond the traditional as they hunt for new construction materials. When considering how to improve the sustainability of your home, the Department of Energy reports a good option is to seek out materials capable of producing what is known as a cool roof.


Choose the Right Color Shingles


Bob Vila recommends taking a proactive approach to the design of your home with the aid of a number of high-quality options. You may have made solid decisions to keep your roof insulated correctly but you will also need to make a good choice when it comes to the design of your roofing system. If you are choosing a traditional shingle roof which does offer some improvements on home insulation, you should look for an energy-efficient light colored shingle which will limit heat transfer to the attic within.


Metal Roofing


The use of metal roofing has always been a positive option for the majority of homeowners who are looking for long-term benefits which will stand the test of time. Some studies have shown a metal roof can limit the transfer of heat by as much as 40 percent depending on which part of the world the home is located in. A metal roof also limits the passage of light radiation into a property because of the coating usually applied to the material that can limit heat transfer by as much as 95 percent. For many properties, the use of a metal roof can have a range of benefits, including the ability to reflect heat back into the property in the cooler months and keep cooled air within in the warmer time of the year.


A Cool Green Roof


One of the latest designs being explored by many homeowners is that of the green roof which is covered in a natural, organic material. Green roofing can be installed on those with a limited pitch and the correct levels of sunshine for growth. Green roofing can consist of grass or plants which act as a natural form of insulation to keep costs as low as possible.


The green roof is the most expensive of the options on offer but does offer positive savings over the years it is installed. The traditional shingle roof is usually the lowest cost but does offer some savings that are not as great as those found with the metal or green roof.