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30 Minute Work Outs To Back Up Using Gyms In Bristol

If you can’t always get to your chosen gyms in Bristol but still want to work out, there are many high impact 30 minute work outs you can consider.

New research suggests that working out for just 30 minutes can actually be more beneficial for your body than a longer work out. This is great news if you need something to do when you can’t visit any of the gyms in Bristol but still want to work out. Some of these ideas are a little out there and may be best left for holidays and occasional fun but they’re all great ways of burning calories and working on your body.

  • Canoe

It is possible to burn 315 calories in just 30 minutes of canoeing if you do so at an energetic yet manageable pace of around 4 miles an hour. Obviously if you’re new to the sport it takes some time to build up to this kind of level but it’s certainly a consideration for summer holidays and if you live near a local canoeing club.

  • Cycle

The benefits of cycling cannot be underestimated. In 30 minutes you can burn very close to 300 calories if you go at what’s considered a moderate pace of around 6-7 miles an hour. If you just decided to cycle to work and back for example, you could be doing your body a whole lot of good.

  • Walk

A short yet brisk walk is enough to burn around 175 calories. Walk 2 miles easily in 30 minutes and visit a local park or just around your area.

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  • Rollerblade

We did say some of these are a little unusual! You can burn over 350 calories in 30 minutes of rollerblading at what’s considered the moderate pace of 12 miles an hour. It’s fun and if you’ve got a decent park near you, it could be worth a shot.

  • Swim

At the slow pace of 50 yards per minute you should be able to cover 60 laps in 30 minutes of a standard 25 yard pool. Swimming tones your whole body and is a great way of training when you can’t face the gym.

These 30 minute extras are a great way of getting in some additional training. Perhaps you’ll try them out in addition to gym sessions and see if they work for you. If your current gym doesn’t provide sessions at the times that work best for you, consider a more flexible option as offered by many pay as you go gyms in Bristol and across the UK.

To find out more about pay as you go gyms in Bristol visit www.payasugym.com.

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