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By Eric Rogers from Kansas City, MO, USA (Flickr) [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Moving to the Kansas City area can be an exiting new adventure. Think of a move there as getting a fresh start in an even fresher city. Once your move is complete, you’ll have a variety of new restaurants, shopping venues and entertainment options to choose from. However, the move itself can be a stressful task on its own. Use different smartphone apps to help you plan your move. These apps offer help with everything from making checklists, finding moving companies, keeping track of your belongings and even finding an Kansas City apartment.


The first app you need to download is the one from Apartment Home Living. This app will help you find the perfect Kansas City apartment for you. You will be able to search by apartment style, size, location, amenities offered and many other advanced search options. Apartment Home Living offers detailed apartment complex information including rental agreement information, restrictions, pet policies and deposit requirements. This app will also give you tips on living in the area, including maps, restaurants, malls and other well-known landmarks.


After you have found an apartment and have moved, get out of the house and explore the Kansas City area. Kansas City is home to many fine restaurants, luxury shopping opportunities and many historical landmarks. Find different things-to-do in the Kansas City area by downloading the free app by This app is full of information, including events, coupons, maps, hotel information, restaurants, museum, exhibits and other things to do. The lists of things to do can be sorted by type, time of day and location.

More than 2,000 Kansas City area businesses and organizations are listed on the VisitKC app. Business information include descriptions, hours of operations and contact information.


Get help with planning your move by downloading different apps that are geared toward making moving day easier. Helpful moving apps include Moving List, Moving Van, My Move and Moving Day

Moving List creates a timeline for your upcoming move and alerts you as to when you need to buy boxes, hire a mover or rent a truck. Moving Van and Moving Day track everything about your move, including what’s in the different moving boxes and helps you determine what can fit in the moving van. Download the free app, My Move, by MyMovingReviews. This app allows you to browse carious moving company reviews and fees, as well as create a customized checklist just for your upcoming move.


Once you’ve moved into your new apartment, make it feel like home. Download the Stanley Bostitch app to browse different apartment decorating tips. You can find different style techniques and cost saving decorating ideas for event the smallest of apartments.

Make your move to the Kansas City area an easier one by downloading different apps for your smartphone. These apps will help you plan your move, determine how to pack your boxes and keep track of all your possessions. Some apps will also help you find the perfect Kansas City apartment for you.