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4 Apps for Your Dallas Move

If you’re moving to Dallas, you have a plethora of app options available to make the journey easier. Download apps that will help you move, pack, locate a new apartment and even find the hottest locations in town. It’s amazing how the perfect apartment or a weekend outing can be found right at your fingertips.

Dallas Apartments

Find the perfect apartment by using the user friendly app from Apartment Home Living. This app allows you to search for your dream apartment by dividing your search into apartment types, size, designs, location and complex features and amenities. Browse through different Dallas apartments where you’ll be able to look through pictures, read reviews and find tips for moving to the area.


Dallas is the third largest city in Texas, making the list of things to do in the area nearly endless. Go watch the Texas Rangers or enjoy an authentic Tex-Mex meal from a local restaurant. Sure you could spend all day driving around trying to find something to do. However, Dallas is a big city, and this could mean a lot of wasted time.

D Recommends, the app from D Magazine, lists detailed options for restaurants, bars and clubs and Dallas area events. The app from DFW.Com offers everything from dining to clubs, entertainment news to photos. This app also offer moving advice and tips for newcomers to the Dallas city area. Other Dallas City area apps that offer the latest tips for things to do in the area include Dallas Observer City App, Dallas Way and Bizzy for iPhone.

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Get help planning your move with the Moving List app. This app will help you plan out your moving timeline from start to finish. Know when to buy boxes, when you reserve your moving truck and when to start packing different rooms up. Other moving assistance apps include Moving Van and Moving Day. Both of these apps help you keep track of everything move related. Document what is in each box by creating a numbering system and determine how much will fit in your moving truck.

If you don’t want to do all the heaving lifting yourself, download the My Move app for your iPhone or Android. No, this app will not do the moving for you, but they will help you find a reputable moving company in the Dallas area. Use this app to create a customizable checklist, see moving cost estimates, check company records and read various reviews on each of the moving companies in the area.

It’s amazing how technology has improved over the years. Such advancements are making it possible for us to rely on our smartphones when planning to move and relocated to the Dallas area. Many of the apps available offer tips and advice to help make the move easier, while some offer tips on finding things to do in the area. No matter which app you use, you are sure to find the help you need when moving and trying to find the perfect Dallas apartment.


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