4 Beautiful Stone Types Ideal For Kitchen Flooring

4 Beautiful Stone Types Ideal For Kitchen Flooring

Natural stone can be an amazing type of kitchen flooring. Before you buy, though, you need to understand what your best options might be. Below are four beautiful natural stone types that are ideal for kitchen flooring.

4 Beautiful Stone Types Ideal For Kitchen Flooring


Slate is one of those dramatic choices that might not immediately come to mind when discussing kitchen flooring, but it is actually a natural stone that has several benefits. Darker tones of slate don’t stain easily and they work well in both industrial and rustic settings, making it an incredibly versatile type of stone for many homeowners. It takes careful cabinet pairing to make these natural stone tiles work, but they can be an amazing addition to the right kitchens.


If you are looking for a natural stone kitchen floor that’s going to last for the life of your home, you’re probably going to want to look for granite. Granite lasts about as long as most homes as long as you properly maintain it, and caring for granite floors is really as easy as buying the right cleaning products. Granite works particularly well when paired with granite countertops that were chosen at the same time as the flooring.


Travertine is a classic Mediterranean choice, one that’s praised as much for its easy maintenance as it is for its looks. This rock is not only great for traditional indoor kitchens but also ideal for outdoor cooking spaces, as it really stands out when contrasted against other stonework. Still, properly sealed and maintained travertine can be an excellent addition to many open kitchen plans.


Yes, you can use marble in a kitchen. You’re going to need to get it specially treated so it can provide a bit more traction than the typical marble floors that you might have seen in the past, but the final result is breathtaking. This is an amazing option for those who have the money to spend, as it can give your kitchen a magnificent look that’s unmatched by anything else.

One of the truths about working with natural stone is that you will need to be very aware of the style of your kitchen when it is installed. Don’t be afraid to choose a floor that works with what you already have but also be willing to change things up when necessary. Each of these floors can be an amazing addition to a home that’s properly prepared for their arrival.

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