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4 Best Spa Resorts In India That Guarantee Relaxing Holiday

The concept of spa-resorts has emerged in the last decade, yet, it is rocking the Indian tourism sector. Earlier, when spas were limited to gyms and health clubs, this unique combination is letting people enjoy a rejuvenating and peaceful holiday.  The majority of them are located in serene and beautiful locations like Goa, Shimla, and Jaipur etc., so you can check for Delhi or Bangalore to Goa flights price, or the trains to Jaipur from other cities, to reach your destinations. Mentioned below are some of the best spa resorts in India, that you should definitely check out.

1. Majorda Beach Resort, Goa – Situated in the lively and entertaining town of Majorda in Goa, this beach resort isn’t like other ones. While the rest of them offers cosy rooms and relaxing ambience, the Majorda Beach Resort combines the bliss of a spa along with. There are several luxury rooms in the resort which is equipped with facilities to make your stay really pleasant and relaxing. So that after having fun at the nightclubs, you aren’t left drowsy the next morning. There are hydrotherapeutic jacuzzis, sauna rooms, and Kalari spa facilities to leave you pampered and re-energized for the next day. Check for Mumbai, Delhi or Bangalore to Goa flights, if you want to spend few days at the resort.

2. Lohagarh Fort Resort, Jaipur – The Lohagarh Fort Resort in Jaipur is amongst the most mesmerizing stays in the capital of Rajasthan. The resort is equipped with a talented staff and offers its guest with a range of premium spa facilities. There are several packages that you can choose from, with varying facilities ranging from a Thai spa, yoga and meditational exercises, ayurvedic massages, and naturopathy. All of these services are imparted by highly trained professionals and guarantees to leave you with a calm, rejuvenated, peaceful and relaxed body and mind.

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3. Wildflower Hall, Shimla – This is a fantastic resort situated in the beautiful valleys of Shimla. Perched high at a remote part of the town, along with enjoying a panoramic view of the forested slopes, you can indulge in other refreshing activities. Such is the popularity of the Wildflower Hall, that it has been voted as ‘the best Indian spa resort’ twice. The spa in the resort has amped its services by the addition of natural herbs and flower essence in their therapeutic services. The luxurious services and ambiance of the resort are worth experiencing.

4. Taj Exotica, Goa –
There are several famous resorts in Goa, but Taj Exotica stands apart with its array of premium spa services and luxurious hospitality. Goa being one of the most visited tourist places in India, you need to make advance bookings at the resort. The group of hotels and resorts is one of the highly reputed names in the hospitality industry in the country, and Taj Exotica is one of their best offerings. The spa resort is well equipped with an array of wellness facilities like ayurvedic healing, traditional Thai and Indian massages, sauna rooms and other therapeutic programs.

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