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4 Cheers For Customer Retention

Success! Your brand has achieved a conversion! All of that marketing and advertising finally paid off, resulting in a consumer interaction and conversion. Unless it was a very large purchase, it’s likely your business model is engineered for retention and reoccurring purchases. You wouldn’t want to lose invested opportunity. Consumers are already in part ‘in your brand’s system.’ Now you need to retain them and inspire future purchases.

How can you do it?


Do you like saving money? Of course you do. So do your consumers. Once they’re on your brand’s radar, offer incentive. Offer them a coupon or discount code on their next purchase. Let’s assume the consumer looks upon two brands similarly. There needs to be an ‘x’ factor. Savings can be that x factor. Offer savings and a reason to come back to your brand. Customers are often creatures of habit. Facilitate the habitual behavior of returning to your brand.

People value saving money. Give consumers savings and a reason to come to you to buy.


What do consumers want? Isn’t that a powerful question? Don’t you want to know your customers’ thoughts to better satisfy? Sure you do. Ask them directly. Ask them about opinions on marketing, new products, customer service, etc. This improves your customer service and consumer relations. Customers like positive attention. It makes them want to buy again. The greatest business answers are on the minds of consumers.

Consumers want the best service possible. Direct questions provide insight into their thoughts.

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All consumers have questions. Some don’t even realize a compelling topic until they see it. A number of brands leverage newsletter to keep consumers informed. Ancillary, the process invites consumers back into ‘the world of the producer,’ the brand issuing the content. What do consumers need to know about your industry? What stories can help make them better consumers? Such intelligence is appreciated, and prompts return purchases.

Consumers respect brand intelligence. Be a thought leader in your vertical via newsletters.


Did you know it takes numerous repetitions to ingrain something in long-term memory? You want your brand in consumer long-term memories. How can you prompt such occurrences remotely? Present them with reminders. But first you’ll need their contact information? You do have that, right? If not, leverage a phone append service which can provide you with that essential data. Be proactive. Prompt consumers to remember you.

Consumers need reminders. Don’t forget to remind consumers of your interest in them.

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