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If your car tends to get cluttered and dusty due to chauffeuring the kids around and hauling groceries and supplies, you may want to organize a simple but efficient plan for keeping your vehicle tidy and clean. It’s easy for things to get chaotic, so having a plan can prevent things from getting out of hand. If you make a couple small purchases and mark down a schedule, you can clean effectively. It doesn’t require much money or effort to get your car in top condition and keep it that way.

4 Easy Ways to Help Keep Your Car Clean

Protective Coverings

Use quality car floor mats that can trap dirt, mud, sand, and other types of debris to keep it from matting the interior carpet. The floor mats should cover the carpet’s surface and fit snugly against the supporting framework. Choose mats that can be secured with clips to keep them from slipping. Clean them whenever dirt builds up to keep it from slipping into the carpet below. You can also add seat covers and a steering wheel cover to protect these often-used parts of the car, washing them as needed to prevent grime and sweat buildup. Mark a specific day each month or couple of months to clean and it’ll be a breeze protecting your car from dirt and mess.

Trash Bag

Keep a trash bag in the car for waste of all kinds. Food wrappers, sales receipts, and discarded mail retrieved from the mailbox while leaving the driveway can be tucked into a small, disposable trash bag that fits on a door handle or in the console between the front seats. Colorful styles made of washable fabric are cheaper than plastic and eco-friendly as well as easy to spot when needed. Be sure to remember to take it out regularly. Trash can build up faster than you might think, and it only gets harder to take out the longer you wait.

Hand-held Vacuum Cleaner and Wipes

Keep a battery-operated mini vac in the trunk of your car to clean up spills or crumbs after taking the kids to a sporting event or returning from a driving vacation. A hand-held vacuum can quickly remove food or beverage spills before they stick to the seats and leave an odor or stain. A packet of wet wipes also helps to clear messes resulting from a nauseous passenger or a nervous puppy on his way to the vet. A damp wipe can remove glitter fallout from craft projects that lands on the seats or floor. Remember to check if you have wipes and if the battery levels are low regularly, so you won’t get caught unable to clean.

Window Squeegee

A window squeegee comes in handy year-round. During the cold months, the blunt blade or brush helps to clear ice and snow from the windows to prevent condensation, which can leave clear windows stained when the moisture evaporates. The squeegee end can be dipped in window washing fluid kept in the trunk to clear dirt-specked windows. Clean glass keeps your vehicle looking nice and makes it easier to navigate. It won’t replace a full clean of your car but being able to quickly clean a window can be a lifesaver.

Basic supplies like these can keep your car neat and clean. Upgrade your car and/or keep them in your trunk for ready availability instead of waiting for your car to look its worst. It might take a little adjustment to remember to be persistent, but it is sure to pay off. A quick stop to the store or a single order online, a couple notes in your planner, and a little persistency should be enough to help you keep your car clean.