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When hunting small or big games, guns are an essential tool for beginners, amateurs, or professional hunters. However, like all tools in a tools box, some guns are better suited at various hunting expeditions than others. The ideal rifle to use for hunting will depend on the type of animal you are planning to kill. Although every hunter should own several types of guns for their legal hunting activities, finding the ideal gun can prove to be a daunting task. Fortunately, this should not be the case. You can hunt almost any type of animal anywhere across the globe using the rifles listed below. Read on to learn more about the four essential guns every hunter should own.

4 Essential Guns To Own As A Hunter

Rimfire Rifle

Rimfire Rifle is one of the most recommended hunting guns in the market. It is available in .17 or .22 versions. One of the main reasons that make a rimfire rifle an ideal choice, especially for beginners, is the fact that it has no or almost zero recoil. This rifle is also durable and lightweight.


Often regarded as a self-defense weapon for domestic purposes, a shotgun is yet another indispensable firearm that every hunter should own. It is ideal for hunting both small and big game. What’s more, its minimal recoiling skeet makes it quite hard for a hunter to miss the target.

Varmint Rifle

If you are planning a varmint hunting expedition, then you need a dedicated varmint rifle. Technically, any gun will work if you are not looking to salvage your kill. However, small-bore types such as the AR-15 rifles are the most recommended option. According to, they are a superb hunting partner. Their bullets are chambered flat-shooting cartilage, which makes them an ideal choice for a reliable and more accurate shot.

Centerfire Bolt-Action Rifle

This is the fourth and last must-have rifle for a game hunter in the list. Although there is a myriad of options in this category, bold-action is the best option. Its ability to fit almost any kind of ammunition makes it a versatile rifle for both large and small game hunting. You are only required to use lighter bullets for games such as rabbits and heavier ones for bigger game.

A successful game hunting depends on the accuracy of your rifle. The above options are not only hunter-friendly but also among the most reliable guns in the market that are optimized for long-distance shooting.