4 Great Websites For Educational Movies

Watching educational movies is a great way to keep a student’s focus and have them learn by being entertained. As a teacher, it can be hard to determine which movies to watch that are actually educational, and it’s hard to find movies that are still relevant to your topics.

Thankfully the internet has given us the tools needed to keep all of these movies in one location. The following are great websites that contain educational movies for you and your students to watch.

1. 5min

If you want a large selection of educational movies, 5min is the place to go. This website contains over 10,000 videos in 20 different categories. Each movie on the site has been professionally produced, so you don’t have to worry about downloading something inappropriate.

All the movies are short how to videos to help teach others the proper way to do something. The site is not just made for educators, so there are other videos on the site for entertainment, fashion and other non-education based information. But it’s a great place to find health and fitness information to share with students, as well as news, technology and music.

2. Brightstorm

Brightstorm is another online database of educational movies, but this site is intentionally for educators. The site contains video footage of real teachers teaching lessons. Most of the videos on the site are aimed at high school students, with a bigger focus on science, math and SAT/ACT prep.

Some of the videos on the website are free, but some must be paid for. There are over 2,500 math and science videos that are free, but test prep programs require payment. But there is no difference as to the quality of the videos, so whether you opt for the free videos or pay for the tests, your students will easily learn more from your videos.

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3. Howcast

Howcast streams millions of downloadable videos, and if necessary, can even send them to your mobile device. This is great for teachers who use tablets in their classroom, and it’s a great way to share videos with students while outside of the classroom.

All of the videos on the website are instructional. Like 5min, the site is not strictly dedicated to education, but you will be able to find a great deal of educational videos on subjects needed for your curriculum.

4. PBS

PBS has been providing children with educational based programs for years, and now teachers can use this in the classroom. All of the PBS programs can be found on their video site. Teachers can either download videos they like when needed, or they have the option to buy videos they use on a regular basis.

Children learn better when they’re being entertained, and educational movies are a great way to get information into the brain of your students. So no matter what subjects or lessons you’re teaching, these websites contain a great deal and a wide array of videos for your students to enjoy.

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