4 Important Elements of Raising Your Own Cattle

4 Important Elements of Raising Your Own Cattle

Raising cattle involves a lot of careful planning. Whether you plan to raise livestock for meat or dairy production, making the right preparations can help keep your cattle healthy and in better order. Here are four important elements of raising cattle that you should know.

A Water Source is Crucial

In order for cattle to grow healthy and be the most productive, they require access to a supply of clean and fresh water at all times. Having an efficient water source will be especially important for lactating cows and calves during the winter. It’s also important to make sure that cow manure that could jeopardize the health of your cattle doesn’t accumulate in the water source. There are water systems that allow cows to pump their own water even when outdoor temperatures are below freezing.

Adequate Fencing Can Hold Cattle

To prevent any of your cows from escaping your property or wandering too far into danger, having the right type of fencing will be crucial. Electric fencing can deter cows from going past the barrier and also keep your herd protected from predators that might try to get into your field. Regardless of what type of fencing you choose, the corner posts shouldn’t be undersized and should sit deep enough into the ground. It’s also best to not use steel posts and instead use posts made of flexible plastic or composite to prevent electrical shorts.

Durable Shed Structures are a Must

The equipment that you use to maintain the pasture for your cattle will need to be stored in durable shed structures to protect it from the harsh environmental elements. The best rural sheds on the market are built from high-quality materials that won’t break down easily. Shelters for cattle that have individual stalls can also help keep your cattle safe.

Designate Enough Grazing Space

Cows need plenty of space to move freely and freed on grasses and herbage from the land. To make sure that there will be enough space, you’ll need to calculate how many animal units that you have and the estimated stocking rate for your area. If you don’t already have or aren’t able to get the correct acreage of land, you may need to consider reducing your herd size or the amount of time that your cows spend grazing.

You’ll have a much easier time raising your cattle if you pay close attention to all the important details. Raising your cattle the right way can keep both you and your cows happy.

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