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If your septic tank is suffering from regular leakage problems coupled with other relevant issues, then you can very well fix it at home with some natural elements. Yes! You’ve read right. You can very well, block the leakage of your septic tank by incorporating certain natural and age-old techniques. These techniques will not only save you time but also a huge amount of money. Glance on, to to know more about these techniques in details.


Brown Sugar Coupled with Yeast

Very often, you will find foul and a musty smell coming out of the septic tank. This odor is being emitted due to the presence of dead bacteria. In order to get rid of this musty smell, mix hot water in about one quart, brown sugar in around one pound and two small tablespoons of yeast in a dried state. Provide some time for the brown sugar to totally mix in the hot water and then, allow this mixture to retain normal temperature. As soon as it retains normal temperature the yeast from the mixture will flush out the complete mixture in the toilet thereby reducing the bacteria by killing it.

Baking Soda with Vinegar

Use a half cup of baking soda and apply it in the clogged drainage system. Follow this by pouring a half cup of cider vinegar in the same area. Make sure that you do not use balsamic vinegar or rice vinegar because the additional salt causes various discrepancies. Follow this by covering the specified drain so that nobody can dilute or ruin the mixture which you’ve created. Both these solutions act well to form sodium acetate along with carbon di-oxide. The bubbles of carbon di-oxide work like scrubbers in the sewerage, thereby uncomplicating the clogs. The chemical reaction caused easily goes down the sewerage as soap bubbles.

Try using Washing Soda

The pH value of washing soda is comparatively more than the baking soda, and this can be used as remedial measures for all those drains which could not surpass the other mentioned home remedial measures. Apply a cup of washing soda in the sewerage drain and enable it to complete its work accordingly. As soon as it dissolves follow up the procedure with pouring balsamic vinegar or rice vinegar as mentioned before. There are chances of the soda being washed out if any commercial acidic drain cleaner was previously applied in your drain. On doing the same your PVC pipes could be affected badly. Hence, try being extremely cautious while carrying out the job. You can contact for more information about blocked drain pipes. They will surely help you in all your plumbing needs.


Bacout is a product created by Bi-O-Kleen. This product is designed for drains and septic systems simultaneously. Bacout not only cleans your septic tank thoroughly but also helps you to get rid of the musty odor from it. Applying bacout regularly in your brain will aptly create a host of enzymes which in turn will break any kind of organic matter from clogging into the drain.

The mentioned techniques are absolutely natural techniques, which if adapted can definitely get rid of all your septic tank issues. Follow these methods once in a while for best results.

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