4 of the Best Smartphone Apps for Mananging Your Finances – All Free!

Keeping track of personal finances can be tough. Monitoring expenses, budgeting, cash flow, and deficit spending is enough to make anyone a little queasy. Thankfully, this is the age of the smartphone. Now are tons of personal finance applications available for download that can help users keep track of where all that money is going. Here are some of the most powerful apps around, all of which are free for download. Now there is some smart spending.

Mint.com has become one of the most highly used tools for budgeting and personal finance on the web, and after even a quick look at the site it is easy to see why. Mint.com was designed by Intuit, creator of the wildly popular tax software Quicken and QuickBooks. The service allows users to see all of their financial information, credit cards, bank statements, and bills all in one place. Furthermore, the site will help to create a budget and to track further spending to help keep users on that budget; it even creates a plethora of charts and graphs to help more visual users see where money is going. There is no better all around tool for money management, and the application is available for both the iPhone and Android.

PayPal.com is one of the most highly recognized sites on the web for secure money transfer online. Now PayPal has released an application to work in conjunction with their site, and it has some wonderful new features.

Aside from letting users check their balance anywhere from their phone, PayPal’s smart phone application makes it easy to send money to anyone on the go. Ever been in a situation that required cash and had to borrow from a friend? Now it is easy to pay that friend back instantly by sending the money straight to that friend’s bank account. PayPal has also added some amazing new features such as instant check deposit. Users can simply take a picture of a check with their phone and deposit the funds instantly.

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Groupon has been around on the web for a while now, and has provided millions with the best local deals and discounts for local businesses. The Groupon app brings that same convenience straight to any smart phone. Now it is easy to check for deals while on the go or when users are out shopping to make sure they are getting the best possible price for their goods and services.

Red Laser
Red Laser is great, especially for large purchases. It allows savvy smart phone users to scan an item’s bar code and instantly get dozens of price comparisons for the same product to make sure that users are getting the best price for their product. Scanning is simple, just take a picture of the bar code using the phone’s built in camera and let Red Laser do the rest.

So go ahead, download these apps and starting playing around. It is amazing how much people can save just by keeping a few tools on their phone to help them make wise decisions.

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