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Restoring a rustic home is a current trend in the housing market for individuals ranging from new purchasers to traditional family homeowners. Older homes have often maintained their value over the years, especially the older plantation homes located throughout the country, and many owners realize that an upgraded home commonly results in an upgraded value. The options for remodeling an old rustic home are practically endless and are usually only limited by the imagination and a project budget. The hardest part can actually be deciding on a new floor plan or what additions would be optimum. Improvement possibilities range from an overhauled kitchen to a master bedroom and bath. And, many home owners actually choose to build onto the home by building a new family room or a deck in conjunction with an outdoor swimming pool area. It all depends on the improvement needs of the property and what would be the best course of action within the budget.

4 Perfectly Practical Additions For Your Rustic Home

Kitchen Upgrades

The concept that the kitchen is the heart of a home is a true axiom for most families. Indeed, it may be the most used part of the house when meals are prepared at home on a regular basis. Contemporary appliances are a good choice for any remodeled kitchen, including potential electronic control of some kitchen features. New cabinets and eating nooks are also very popular installations for many home owners and very practical for a growing family.

New Siding

Installing new siding is also a popular choice for many renovating rustic homeowners that often will not require upgrading the internal part of the home. This is usually a good addition to a home that is relatively newer while still qualifying as rustic. Many older homes still have the original wood frame and wood siding, so replacing it or covering the old siding with new vinyl or brick veneer can improve the curb appeal and insulation factor as well as the home value. New siding can easily make an older rustic home look brand new, but many owners prefer to enhance the property in a more traditional direction.

Swimming Pool and Lounge Area

One of the most popular upgrades to a rustic home for many remodeling projects is adding a swimming pool or one many hot tub spas, sometimes complete with a pool house lounge. The indoor area can be designed easily to include a hot tub that can be used all year around, while others in southern climates may want an outdoor tub as an extra water recreation area next to a swimming pool. Hot tubs actually make great additions to rustic homes when the backyard area has already been upgraded or redesigned. Already having a pool can also be a major factor in the decision to enhance the recreational area of a home. In addition, there are also many excellent portable hot tub models available on the market, which gives any recreational addition more versatility as well.

New Master Bedroom

One area of a rustic home that responds well to a makeover is the master bedroom. Remodeling any bedroom can add value and attractiveness to a home, but the master bedroom upgrade usually includes a new master bath as well, once again incorporating a hot tub or a giant bath tub into the plan. New contemporary lights can be a great addition too, but many times newer model chandeliers are preferred when maintaining the rustic look and feel is important to the owner.

It is important to remember that a comprehensive evaluation and estimate of the cost of an upgrade should be conducted before any work begins. All homeowners want as much additional value as possible from their investment, but there are excellent economical upgrades available for rustic homes that can make the property more contemporary while still retaining the traditional features of the home.