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4 Phone Numbers to Have on Hand before Your Family Needs Them

Most days of the year, you and your loved ones may live a relatively carefree life that is free of drama and mishap. However, nobody’s life is perfect without fail, and everyone will run into challenging situations from time to time. Understanding who to call in a critical time of need is important. The last thing that you may want to do when you are stressed out by an intense situation is to scour the Internet to find a professional who you can trust or to fumble around in search of a phone number that you should already have on hand. Your preparation today to handle unfortunate and unexpected situations can ultimately result in a better overall outcome or in less stress when something bad happens. These are some of the phone numbers that you need to keep on-hand so that you can immediately call for assistance as needed.

Your Insurance Provider

If you are like many other people, you may have purchased several types of insurance policies to prepare for unexpected events. For example, auto insurance may provide you with a replacement rental car, towing service and vehicle repairs after a car accident. Home insurance may pay for home repairs, the replacement of damaged personal items and even temporary shelter if your home is not currently in a livable condition. Keeping the phone number for each of your insurance policies stored in your smartphone is an excellent way to prepare for the unexpected.

An Emergency Dentist

For a typical health emergency, you may call 911 or rush to the emergency room. However, when you have an oral health emergency, you may need to locate an emergency dentist who offers around-the-clock service. In some cases, this may be your primary dental professional. However, many general dentists do not offer emergency services at all hours. Locating a reputable emergency dentist now may save you a considerable amount of time and effort when something unpleasant or painful occurs. Just Google search in terms like “muskegon dental care” for your area and see where emergency services are offered.

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A Locksmith

Without the functional use of locks and keys, your life may immediately come to a standstill. For example, if you cannot drive your car, open your office door at work or secure your home while you are away, you may feel inclined or even be required to wait for a professional locksmith to arrive. The response time of locksmith professionals varies substantially. When you are looking for a locksmith’s phone number to add to your smartphone’s contact list, pay attention to the types of services offered and the availability of the professional. It is also helpful to ensure that the professional is based locally. Some locksmiths may advertise locally, but they may need to travel several hours to reach you. This is not the fastest way to obtain urgent services that you may need.

Home Contractors

There are many types of home contractors that you may need to call without delay. For example, if you have a water leak, emergency plumbing services may be needed. If you have a short in one of your wires, electrical services may be needed to prevent a house fire from developing. HVAC services may even be needed if your system breaks during inclement weather conditions. Some general contractors provide all of these services, but it may be best to find a reputable professional who is licensed and experienced in each of these areas individually.

Many situations could develop suddenly and could result in serious inconvenience or even health and safety issues for you or your loved ones to deal with. Planning ahead by determining who you will call in various scenarios is an important step to take in order to properly prepare for the unexpected.

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