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If you’re the loving parent of a football player, you’re going to need to buy them a few things for their upcoming sports season. To protect them on the field it’s important you buy them a helmet, mouth guard, and more. Here are four of the most important protective gear you should buy the football player in your life.

4 Pieces Of Safety Equipment Every Football Player Needs


One of the first things you should buy a football player is a helmet. Although they’re usually provided by sports teams, it’s always important that your child has one. For example, if they’re running low on helmets or if your child wants to practice before the season starts. However, it’s important that your child’s helmet is sized properly for their head every year. By doing so, you can ensure it fits well throughout the entire season.

Mouth Guard

Another important piece of equipment that you should buy your child is a mouth guard. After all, you don’t want their teeth to get any damage during practice or a game. A mouth guard will protect their teeth and gums from any damage and is required for the sport. Fortunately, mouth guards are relatively inexpensive, but you should buy your child a new one every year to avoid them from wearing a worn out one that won’t be as effective.

Protective Pads

Aside from helmets and mouth guards, you should buy your child protective pads that they’ll wear under their football uniform. These pads will help your child absorb blows from other players, as well as hits from the ball. It’s important you get your child properly sized for football pads before the season starts to ensure they don’t get injured during practices or games. Protective pads are the difference between a bruised rib and a broken one.


Although it’s a little less protective, another piece of equipment that you need to ensure your child has before the football season are cleats that fit well. Your child shouldn’t be sliding all over the field in ordinary sneakers. Cleats are specifically designed to grip to the grass and dirt and propel your child forward, rather than falling on the ground. This is why they’re such an important piece of equipment that you should buy your kid before the upcoming football season starts.

There are a number of protective pieces of equipment that you should buy your child before their football season starts up. From helmets to cleats, hopefully, the suggestions above can give you a better idea of what your child needs to stay safe on the field while playing football.