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4 Product Processing Upgrades to Ensure Smooth Silo Operation

Silos are a key element of any agricultural operation. These tall storage towers are used to hold everything from oats, wheat and corn to fermented feed for cattle and sheep. However, a silo can also be a source of frustration when it clogs or slows down and costs valuable processing time. Whether you’re storing grain crops or producing silage for livestock, these four product processing upgrades can help your silo run more smoothly.

Steel Chutes

You need silo chutes that can stand up to the elements while letting your product flow through quickly. If your current chutes are getting rusty or falling apart, replacing them with smooth and durable stainless-steel chutes is a great way to maximize productivity. Stainless steel chutes are available in a variety of styles to suit your needs, including ball-type rail and bolt-on chutes.

Air Cannon

Bulk material often builds up in silos, chutes and hoppers, creating an obstruction that can halt operations for hours. An affordable and effective way to keep material moving is to install an air cannon to blow out clogs and get your chutes running again. Cannons can be configured to deliver long, powerful blasts of air or short, frequent bursts depending on your needs. If you have multiple delivery points or cramped spaces to accommodate, consider choosing a multi-valve model.

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Chute Liners

Do you need a cheap and easy solution for rusted or damaged chutes? Instead of replacing your chutes, try using chute liners. Chute liners are made from tough, non-porous material and are simple to install. Just unroll the liner and pull it up the chute for a seamless result. The liner’s smooth and slick surface also discharges feed rapidly and prevents hang-ups.

Silo Cleaning Device

Cleaning a silo is a dirty job, but someone has to do it. However, that someone doesn’t have to be a person. Let a silo cleaning device do the dirty work of keeping your silo clean. These machines can be expensive, but they clean much faster and more efficiently than your workers. Plus, cleaning with a machine prevents on-the-job injuries because your workers don’t have to enter the silo’s hazardous confined spaces.

If you’re on the fence about upgrading your silo equipment, remember that increased productivity means more profit and more time. Getting the job finished faster means you can give your workers more vacation time or expand your operations. Your new equipment may pay for itself over the course of a few years.


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