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One of a home’s most important features is its windows. This is because a home’s windows are one of the few features that you can see both inside and outside. Therefore, your choice of windows can have a major impact on the appearance of your home. Bay windows, in particular, can have a dramatic impact on your home’s interior and exterior styling.

4 Reasons to Choose Bay Windows For Your Home

Add More Light

A bay window’s multi-dimensional design means that it can capture light from more angles than a typical window. Therefore, when you install a bay window, you can increase the amount of light that enters your room. Bay windows capture light from at least three directions, meaning you can capture light in the morning, afternoon, and evening as the sun moves around your home.

Add More Space

If you have a cramped living area, a bay window is a great way to make it feel larger. Since a bay window extends past your exterior wall, you can add a couple of feet of width to your room, which is significant when you may only have 15 to 20 feet of width to begin with. If you add light colors to your room on top of the bay window installation, you can dramatically transform the space and make it much more livable.

Add Storage

Depending on the type of bay window that you choose for your home, you may be able to add some storage or display space in the process. The area between the wall and the bottom of the window can become a great place to display collectibles, add some seating, or even place a few storage crates. This helps you to keep the rest of your room more organized, ultimately creating a more inviting space.

Add A Better View

Since bay windows have more surface area than typical windows, bay windows allow you to see much more of the world outside. Rather than having to press your face up against the glass to try and see to the left or right, you can simply look out one of the side windows and immediately get a clear view. This ensures that you can enjoy every bit of natural beauty that surrounds your home all through the year.

The installation of bay windows can be quite challenging. For one, larger windows mean more weight that must be properly supported to ensure a safe installation. Plus, because there are more joints, proper sealing of the windows is crucial so that there are no air or water leaks down the road. If the installation is completed correctly, though, you will be able to enjoy many years of beautiful views through your new bay window.