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4 Reasons to Upgrade Your Office Building Exterior

Have you ever driven by a business and your eyes were naturally drawn to its business exterior. Perhaps they have exceptionally flashing branding, bright colors or a very modern exterior. No matter what the reason is, a well-polished business exterior can truly make the difference between success and flat-lining sales for your business. We’ve encapsulated four of the many reasons below that you should upgrade your company’s exterior.


It Helps Increase Foot Traffic


First and foremost, it is human nature to be drawn toward exteriors that look more modern and well-polished. Upgrading your office exterior will inevitably draw in more foot traffic for your business because people will be drawn to come inside. Also, many of the most modern offices have large window-front exteriors that are perfect for displaying exactly what your company does.


It Will Attract New Employees to Your Company


Today’s employee doesn’t want to work in an outdated office building. Upgrading your office exterior will be a great benefit when you are looking to attract new employees to your company. Remember, the exterior of your office building will be the very first thing that prospective employees see when they pull into your parking lot for an interview.

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You’ve Changed Your Branding


The ideal time to change your building’s exterior is when you have new branding. Similarly, budgeting for upgrading your home’s exterior is also a great time to evaluate your current marketing and make any changes. You want to ensure that you, company name and at least a brief descriptor of what your company does apparently on the outside of the building. You can also place it on a stable sign in front of the building. A unique sign built through custom metal fabrication can make your business name pop and be visually appealing.


You Haven’t Updated the Exterior in over Three Years


A general rule of thumb should be that your office building’s exterior should be evaluated once annually, and it should be upgraded in some fashion at least every three years. This could be as simple as applying a fresh coat of paint, adding new signage or simply bringing in professional landscapers to re-do the company’s property.


These are just four of the simple reasons that you should upgrade the exterior of your office building. All of these are designed to promote foot traffic, digital business or new customers. Don’t forget about making sure the interior of your office building is upgraded fully as well. After all, employees will spend the majority of their days inside that building.

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