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What makes Austin one of the safest places in the country for businesses? Austin is geographically located in a very safe zone. This means it is located more than 100 miles outside of Tornado Alley and 200 miles from the nearest coast. The city is one of the safest places in North America from the affects by natural calamities. Given its location, industry experts consider Austin to be the ideal place for establishing colocation centers.

Austin’s Energy Supply
Austin has a consistent and reliable supply of energy from its own power grid. The Texas power grid is entirely separate of the two national power grids and is not affected if either the East or West power grids go down. This is another reason why many industries have shifted to Austin: the reliable power supply.

The Benefits of Colocation
Colocation relieves companies of the burden of housing servers in home offices by offering off-site space to set up equipment. It can rent space for servers and equipment from the provider. It is the duty of that colocation or data center to provide IP bandwidth and power to the server. In Austin, where natural disasters are low and power is reliable, colocation is great for reducing operating costs.

Colocation Centers in Austin
Austin colocation centers house and often operate a company’s servers, enabling its workforce to focus on core business operations. These colocation centers employ trained experts who are prompt and can respond to any problem as it arises. Developing businesses have to deal with expansion costs, which often hold their operations back. By partnering with colocation facilities, companies can expand within the center often without incurring excess cost.

Benefits of Colocation

  • Extra expenses can be detrimental for any business to grow and expand. Equipment and space expenses incurred by such businesses can be too expensive and affect the company’s bottom line. Colocation centers in Austin provide space, bandwidth and a team of technical experts at reasonable prices.
  • Colocation centers in Austin provide redundant power, cooling systems and networks to facilitate easy working. Having access to multiple Internet connections and backup generators in a colocation center virtually eliminate downtime.
  • High-security measures in Austin colocation centers offer a high level of data safety. Using advanced technologies, most colocation centers ensure safety through identification protocols, biometric identification, guarded access points and mantraps.
  • Austin colocation providers house a team of technical experts who promptly respond to any problem faced by their customers.

Austin is a city that faces a low risk from disasters and calamities. Combined with  a reliable supply of power, it makes the city an ideal place to set up colocation centers. Customers can be assured their investment is a good one with colocation centers.

Weslie Wayne writes articles about colocation and data centers in the Texas area.  He believes that utilizing a colocation service in Austin is a wise choice for many businesses. His articles educate readers about the features that set different data centers apart.  Learning how those  features dramatically impact cost allows readers to evaluate the colocation cost.