4 Services to Make Your Piercing Studio Stand Out from the Crowd

4 Services to Make Your Piercing Studio Stand Out from the Crowd

Diversity is one aspect of a successful piercing business. While specializations are always great, the ability to service a wide-range of clientele and provide various types of piercings will make you a more enticing choice for potential customers. Adding these services to your piercing studio will help expand your offerings and improve your marketing strategy.

Handmade Earrings and Piercings Sales

Working with local or exclusive vendors will add personality to your studio. The opportunity to buy a one-of-a-kind piercing from your shop will entice customers. You can also hand-select the body piercing jewelry suppliers you work with, or even fashion the piercings yourself if you have the skill. People are always intrigued by the opportunity to have something that is unique to only them. By offering piercings in unique colors and designs that cannot be easily replicated, clients will have a memorable experience at your shop with a piercing that always serves as a strong reminder.

Free Consultation

Some people are apprehensive to approach a piercing studio because they don’t know the lingo or even what they’re really looking for. By advertising free consultations, you can attract more customers and help new clients feel welcomed right away. During this consultation, you can introduce potential clients to the services you offer and walk them through the process of preparation and aftercare.

Tattooing or Body Art

If you can afford to bring on a tattooist, then do so. Having an artist with a unique style work exclusively for your shop will encourage more people to stop by, and they may be tempted to get a piercing while they’re there. Temporary body art like henna is also popular, especially if your artist is skilled enough to craft unique designs based off client requests. A positive tattoo experience in a cool but affirming environment is crucial, and the best thing you can do is ensure your clients feel like they’re on a level playing field with your artists even if they don’t know the first thing about body modifications.

Educational Resources

Potential customers will have a lot of questions. What kinds of piercings are there? Are there hypoallergenic options for piercings? Create a website and offer hand-out pamphlets that help people learn more about your studio’s philosophy and how you approach piercings. An easy-to-understand guide to body piercings can help open the door to conversation and allow people to more easily articulate what they’d like and explore their options.

When marketing your piercing studio, stand out from the crowd with your customer service and attention to detail. Create a welcoming environment that will comfort customers and encourage repeat visits. Word will spread about how your studio is a step above the rest.

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