4 Things That Can Help Trans Girls Feel More Traditionally Feminine

4 Things That Can Help Trans Girls Feel More Traditionally Feminine

Transitioning is a life-altering experience that affects one physically, emotionally, and mentally. While not every trans woman transitions, and not everyone wants to appear traditionally feminine, there are options for those who are looking to cultivate a more femme look. Women that are transitioning often wonder how they can appear to be more traditionally feminine. If this is true for you, consider the following four suggestions:

4 Things That Can Help Trans Girls Feel More Traditionally Feminine

Wear Your Favorite Makeup

Makeup is a powerful way for you to take control of your look. If you’ve never explored different styles of makeup, consider starting out with the basics like eyeliner, eye shadow, foundation, mascara, and lipstick. If you need a little inspiration or makeup how-to’s, search Instagram and Youtube for the most creative and talented makeup artists. As you get more comfortable with using makeup, you’ll find an everyday look that’s right for you.

Get Facial Feminization Surgery

Another way to look more traditionally feminine is to get facial feminization surgery or FFS. This type of surgery modifies your facial characteristics so they appear more feminine. Essentially, the surgery is designed to soften the more masculine features of the face and neck, with a focus on nose shape and bone structure.

If you’re interested in FFS, it’s important that you choose a doctor that frequently works with transgender patients. This way, you’re more likely to have a pleasant experience throughout the surgery.

Get Breast Implants

In addition to facial feminization surgery, you may want to invest in breast augmentation surgery. This type of surgery is very common, as curvy figures are commonly associated with womanhood. Breast augmentation typically involves using tissue expanders or implants under the breast tissue.

In addition to surgery, many women take estrogen as well to stimulate the growth of their breasts. If surgery and estrogen aren’t options for you, consider wearing an external prosthesis or a padded bra to give your chest a fuller look.

Wear a Waist Trainer

An hourglass figure is typically viewed as the ideal feminine shape. While surgery can help achieve some of the curves that come with the hourglass shape, using a corset or waist cincher will help your body slowly transform into this feminine look. Waist cinchers and corsets can be worn privately or in public underneath clothing, giving you the hourglass figure that will instantly make you feel more feminine. Make sure to follow a proper corset training schedule and not to wear the waist trainer more than is suggested.

Being true to yourself means looking and feeling like the person that you are inside. Let this guide inspire you to take the next steps with your current look.

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