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4 Things You Want To Equip Your Elderly Loved One With If They Live Alone

An elderly loved one treasures his or her independence like anyone else would, which is one reason elderly people prefer to live alone. For the most part, you know that this is something he or she can still do, but that doesn’t stop you from worrying. The following are four things you can equip your loved one with.

Smart Appliances

There are a number of smart appliances that might be helpful for a loved one who lives alone. For example, smart lights can sense a person and turn on lights automatically without you having to fumble for the switch in the dark. Elderly people may not be as coordinated as younger people. A smart stove can sense when someone is too close or if the flame is left unattended for too long and will automatically shut off.

Alert System

A medical alert system through a company like Rescue AED LLC is vital for a senior living alone. You do not want to think the worst, but the fact is that these things could happen to anyone. A medical alert system is there to help a senior call for help should anything happen and he or she does not have enough time to make a call. It should definitely give you peace of mind, and it could save your loved one’s life.

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CPR Jolt

No matter how healthy you believe your loved one is, it would still be a good idea to offer him or her a protective gadget like a CPR gadget. This is something your loved one can wear; it provides clear instructions for CPR that someone can use to help the person in need. The wearable device comes with electrode pads that should help during an emergency.

Medical Dispenser

As you age, you may need more medications. The number of these medications could grow exponentially, and this could end up becoming a little confusing, especially for an aging loved one. A good medical dispenser keeps track of the medicines you need each day and takes away the guessing game. Making a mistake with medications could lead to serious consequences, so this is a smart addition to your loved one’s home.

Remember that these are just some of the gadgets you can consider. You can talk to your loved one’s doctor to see if there are additional gadgets you should buy to help out.

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