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Madonna is considered the queen of pop. She has changed looks, she has changed styles, she has even changed dialects. But through all of her change, one thing has always remained consistent: Madonna knows how to market herself.
If you have a company, you know that marketing is an important part of your business. You need it in order to generate interest and increase sales. If you don’t market effectively, it will have a negative effect on your business.
Luckily, there are four things that your marketing can learn from Madonna. These tips will help you market stronger and achieve your desired goals.

1. Age doesn’t matter.
Madonna has continued to top the charts and gain a huge and dedicated following no matter how old she is. She recently rocked the Super Bowl halftime show, and she is over 50 years old. While her success is based on her talent, she proves that she can continue to sing and dance with the best of them.
Some people tend to believe that older marketing tactics and older products are being replaced by younger ones. While newer products are more shiny, it doesn’t mean that older products and older marketing efforts don’t work. Yes, social media is the new way to market, but not every demographic is on social media. Sometimes tried and true methods are the way to land your company in front of you desired audience. Don’t rule out older marketing tactics just yet—they still have more benefits to give.

2. A good product will create opportunities.
Madonna has had the chance to direct movies, write albums, go on tour and sing at the Super Bowl halftime show. The reason for all of these opportunities is because she has a good product to offer—her talent.
If you are selling a good product or service, it will help you achieve more opportunities. Maybe it will land you a deal with a great partner. Maybe it will generate a great marketing opportunity. As long as the products and services you offer are strong and dependable, people will reach out to you.

3. Taking chances is a must.
Madonna has always done what she wanted, and this has always led to success. If she didn’t take the chances she did, her music career may not have ended up as such a success.
Your company and your marketing need to do the same thing. Don’t stick with the same marketing methods because they’ve worked in the past. Take some chances and try something different. Maybe employ a QR code, or maybe create a mobile app. If you take a few risks, you may reach out to a wider audience, and you may experience a generous reward.

4. Sex does sell.
Madonna has used her sexuality to sell her records, and it has worked. She wasn’t afraid to flaunt her sex appeal, and she wore scantily clad clothing before it was fashionable.
This doesn’t mean that you should hire a porn store to advocate for your brand. It simply means that you need to appeal to the attractions of your audience. Reach the line, and gently cross it a bit. You may find that it is just what your marketing needs to push forward.

Michelle Leigh is a self-proclaimed “celebrity expert” and an avid writer who loves to write about her favorite subjects. She never writes without the help of a grammar checker to proof her work and ensure it is free of any grammatical errors. Grammar rules are hard to remember so she allows the software to do the hard work for her.