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4 Tips For Adjusting To Your Retirement: What You Can Do:

Retiring can be a fantastic time – you get to laze around all day, go on holidays, do what you want with your own time and so on – right? Well, no, not in the real world. Retiring can be a bit of a challenge to adjust to, and you need to make sure you put a bit of a plan in place before the day hits…

First off all, you need to create a financial plan – it would be a good idea, firstly, to begin looking at annuities; how much do you know about choosing an annuity? An annuity works by distributing your pension fund into a fixed income; however, annuities differ markedly in both type and rate, so it’s absolutely vital to shop around and get the best possible deal – consult an advisor!

How big is your house? Do you really need that 3 level mansion (ok, maybe I am exaggerating a bit there)? The kids have probably grown up by now, and you’ve probably got everything you need to get from the family home, so why not sell it on and downsize? You can release the equity from your house and obviously begin using it to enjoy your retirement to the fullest!

One of the main advantages to finding somewhere smaller is simply that there will be less to do in terms of maintenance – no more gardening (if you opt for an apartment), no more extensive cleaning, your time will be your own.

What about a job? Yes, retirement is solely about sitting around and relaxing – right? There’s an element of truth to that, however there are a lot of benefits to staying in employment (or even starting a business), none less than being able to bolster your financial situation. Have a talk with your previous or existing employer, and see if you can begin working on flexi time – the additional income may be the difference you need to going on that holiday!

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How about teaching? It’s a great way to get “get out of the house” and do something productive, too. Why not call around the local colleges? A lot of colleges or educational institutions like to hire people with real world experience, and you may be just what they are looking for. What you teach doesn’t even need to be directly related to your career – have a look at your skillset, after 65 years on earth you are bound to have a lot to pass onto the new generations.

Turning the table, how about pursuing further education? You don’t necessarily need to go for a degree – however you can now take degrees in many different than what used to be possible, for example The Open University – you could simply take a night course. There are hundreds of options in this respect, you just need to look around.

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