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Windows play a dominant role in modern architecture mainly because it solves ventilation and lighting issues in a cost effective way while adding beauty to the building. Even though on design papers windows look great, in the real world they will not be a pleasant sight unless they get the proper maintenance. Window cleaning is one of the aspects that generally get a lower level of attention since it is an exhausting task unless the proper methods are not followed. The following text guides the reader through a set of tips that will make the laborious task of window cleaning a simple house hold task.

Be equipped with proper gear
In addition to the conventional tools like squeegee, scrub or sandpaper; identify the tools you require before you climb up the ladder. For example new windows might have sticker or spray on them so that you will not be able to remove them without the use of a razor blade. Choose the right kind of chemicals and read the labels to see whether skin contact is harmless. By spending a minute or two at the store you might even find combinational tools which are handy since it is hard to take a lot of tools up the ladder.

Time and frequency of cleaning
Unlike for most of the household cleaning tasks sunlight is a disturbance for window cleaning. Sunlight causes the cleaning solution to dry up faster leading to shadow forming on glass. Therefore the best time for a window clean-up will be either the morning or the evening when there is no direct sunlight falling on the window. If you have no other option, do the mopping on a relatively little area and squeegee it as fast as possible not allowing shadows to form. It is hard to define an exact frequency that cleaning should be done since it depends on the environment the house is located on. But not letting dirt gather on the windows is advisable. Make it an addition to your cleaning procedure.

Cleaning tips
First wipe the dirt off with a damp cloth. Then use the cleaning solution on the glass. Ammonia and vinegar together form an effective cleaning solution for glass. Whatever the solution is instead of spraying the solution on the glass spray it to the cloth and then apply on the glass pane. It reduces the possibility of spots formed by water. A soft cloth is better that it will not scratch the surface of the glass. Don’t leave much time between applying the solution and wiping with a squeegee. One noteworthy point to remember is that wiping should be carried out in only one direction to prevent streaks on the glass.

Clean the frames too
Frames of the windows need the same treatment that the glass panes get to make it a complete and a worthwhile job. A scrubber and a simple soap solution will be adequate for cleaning the frames. Pay extra attention if the frames are made of a material that might get scratched. In such case, scrub only in one direction so as to avoid damaging the frames.

Most important of all is that you take all safety measures during the procedure to prevent injury.

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