4 Tips For Keeping Cafe Products Fresh For Longer

4 Tips For Keeping Cafe Products Fresh For Longer

Running your own cafe may be a dream come true. You finally have the crowd, the food, and are making a profit. However, spoiled food can wreak havoc on your monthly revenue. Here are four of our best tips for keeping cafe products fresh for longer so you can avoid high spoilage bills.

4 Tips For Keeping Cafe Products Fresh For Longer

Use Airtight Containers

This may seem like a no-brainer to start with, however, many restaurants tend to skip out on this practice regularly because it’s easier to use whatever containers are laying around. Make it a company policy to only utilize airtight containers and make sure there is an adequate amount of them supplied for your employees to use. These airtight containers will keep out contaminants and ensure your food stays fresh for longer.

Use The Right Fridge

When it comes to keeping products fresh for longer, it all starts with the proper storage of those items. You’ll want to get a commercial-grade fridge that has the capacity to handle the food products that you serve on a regular basis. You can find a used stainless steel three door commercial freezer to fit your budget if you can’t or simply don’t want to afford a brand new one. You should set the temperature to three degrees Celsius for optimal food storage results.

Practice The Higher The Shelf Method

If you’ve ever spent some time evaluating the temperature of the food in your fridge, you’ll likely realize that sometimes it’s different. While you may set the main fridge temperature to three degrees Celsius, that’s just an average temperature for the whole fridge. Each shelf is going to have its own temperature. In general, the higher the shelf is, the warmer it will be. Use this methodology when storing items. Keep the most sensitive items in your lower shelves and the not-so-sensitive items higher up.

Cool All Food Before Putting It In The Fridge

You can do everything right from getting the right fridge to practicing the higher shelf method. However, if you don’t let food properly cool down before putting it in the fridge, it can drastically increase the overall temperature inside of your fridge. This will make it more difficult for the fridge to cool down again and, in turn, keep your cool items cold.

Keeping your cafe products fresh is an important part of protecting your revenue. The longer you can keep your food fresh, the less money you’ll waste replacing spoiled food. By implementing the four tips above, you’ll be well on your way to keeping products fresh for longer.

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