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Corporate training videos are infamous for putting employees to sleep. Many drab, boring offerings lack the energy to enthrall audiences and make the point that management so desperately wants to convey. If you are willing to creatively cover a topic, serve treats with the video to create a festive atmosphere, order the video effectively and keep things short and sweet you are likely to connect with your audience. Add a bit of zest to your presentation to make the point you wish to impress on your workforce.

Raise the Energy of the Offering

Check the energy behind your corporate training videos. Are you creating another bland, boring offering guaranteed to put your employees to sleep? Corporate videos are infamous for being dull presentations which most workers ignore. Create something entertaining as well as informative. You can have fun, speak your message and influence workers to soak up your message through training videos if you are willing to lighten up and deviate from the traditional, bland presentation style which plagues most video creators.

4 Tips For Making A Corporate Training Video

Use Steps to Connect with Employees

Break your video down into a series of steps or tips to create order in the minds of your employees. Smart video creators know that numbers create order in the mind. Workers who feel like they are processing information in an orderly fashion are far more likely to soak up and fully retain the lesson you wish to convey. For example, you might create a corporate training video titled “6 Proven Steps for Adhering to Safety Regulations” to effectively connect with your workers. Seeing a number and watching a video break down a problem in step by step fashion makes it easier for your workers to understand the point you wish to convey.

Serve Coffee and Cake Please

Serving food and drinks with your corporate training video can help you quickly connect with your employees and snag their attention. Most people are far more likely to pay attention to the video you are presenting after a few cups of coffee and slices of cake. Enjoying food is a satiating experience which can instantly move you into a good mood. Positive feeling people are more receptive to lessons being presented. Create an event to capture the attention of your employees for an extended period of time.

Compare the coffee and cakes approach of creating an event versus the strategy of leading employees into a dark room just to watch a potentially boring video. Workers will be far more likely to focus on the message being presented after being well fed.

Short and Sweet Works Best

If you cannot cover a topic within 1 hour you are poorly versed in the subject matter. The average attention span of your workers lasts for no more than a minute or two so unless you want to completely lose your audience create an entertaining lead in for your video, make your point quickly and complete your video presentation. Videos spanning for longer than 1 hour tend to be dull, boring affairs because few presenters lack the charisma and creativity to captivate their target audience.

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