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We all enjoy refreshing indoor air on hot summer days, but we aren’t crazy about the resulting high energy bills. Use the following tips to save money on your increased air conditioning energy costs.

4 Tips For Saving Money On Air Conditioning

Take Advantage of Cooler Temperatures

On nice days when the temperatures are mild to moderate, keep the AC turned off. Open your windows and the screened patio door to let in the fresh seasonal air. Run the ceiling fans to circulate the outdoor air throughout your home. Use table fans or stand-alone fans for added chill in rooms of your house that lack windows or that have limited air circulation. Remove unneeded furniture and clutter in rooms to promote more effective air circulation.

Set the Air Conditioner Thermostat Higher

If you have been setting your AC thermostat at a lower temperature over the summer to cool your home on the hottest days, remember to adjust it when the temperature dips. Raise the thermostat a few degrees to see how that temperature works. If your home is well insulated, it may hold the cooler air that the AC pumped out a day or two before when it was set lower. If you don’t get adequate cooling on the higher setting, supplement your indoor airflow with the aforementioned fans where needed.

Dress Comfortably

You might be surprised to notice that when you are feeling too warm inside without the AC on, it is because you might be overdressed. Sometimes we forget to remove sweatshirts, hoodies, caps, or other outdoor wear that makes us feel warm in the house. While the first thought may be to turn on the AC, see if you can remove a layer or two of clothes to try and cool off that way first. If your bedroom feels too warm at night, take off the bedcovers and just sleep under the top sheet.

Have Your AC Routinely Evaluated and Maintained

Keep your air conditioner working efficiently by having it inspected and serviced each year before the summer arrives. An AC technician can find and repair minor problems before they turn into costly issues. If your AC is running sluggishly or not reducing the indoor air temperature as it should, an adjustment by the HVAC technician might improve the unit’s performance.

Reducing your air conditioner usage or adjusting the temperature settings can save money on the monthly energy bill. Try these strategies to stay cool without paying more for your AC comfort.