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4 Types Of Assaults To Get A Lawyer For

According to the law, an assault is simply an attempt or a threat to harm or offend another individual physically. This may be with the inclusion of contact or when it hasn’t been made yet. Assaults are categorized under criminal offenses and can carry hefty charges and penalties. The following are four types of assaults that a lawyer could help you out with.

Sexual assault

Sexual assault entails the use of force against a victim’s will. It involves any form of sexual penetration without a victim’s consent. Sexual assault may also apply where there is no contact between the individuals, but the aggressor threatens to assault the victim. Rape, sodomy, and molestation are perfect examples of direct sexual assault. Improper touching is also included under sexual assault. Penalties for sexual assault can go as far as being imprisoned for life. A child sexual abuse lawyer will guide you if your loved one has been sexually assaulted.

Felonious assault

Felony assault is an attempted or unlawful attack of anyone accomplished through the use of violence and force that results in physical and traumatic injuries. In many cases, felony assaults involve the use of weapons. However, even if the victim sustains no injuries, the felony assault stands as a weapon was used during the attack. In the absence of a weapon, and the victim suffers severe injuries due to assault using feet, hands, and fists, the case qualifies to be categorized under felony assault.

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Simple assault

Unlike felony assaults, simple assaults are attacks with or without weapons that yield minor injuries and setbacks. They are often of a lesser degree of assaults compared to felony assaults. Once an injury sustained from a simple assault crosses to be severe, it’s enough to regard it as an offense.

Aggravated assault

When the aggressor uses a weapon or excessive force to inflict a victim’s injury, lawyers categorize this as aggravated assault. How does it differ from felony assault? When it’s proved that the offender intended to cause severe bodily harm or used a deadly weapon such as a knife or gun to inflict permanent and temporary injuries, this crosses to aggravated assault. Cases such as assaulting public officials such as judges and police officers directly qualify to be aggravated assault.

Victims of any of the above-discussed assaults are advised to seek help from the police and lawyers to get the justice they deserve.

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