4 Warehouse Safety Tips That Make a Huge Difference

4 Warehouse Safety Tips That Make a Huge Difference

In any workplace, employee safety should be your number one priority. This is doubly true when it comes to warehouse work environments. Not only are warehouses more dangerous than most other workplaces, but the cost of accidents is higher. Research has shown that a worker injured in a warehouse accident will cost a company an average of $150,000 in total in direct and indirect costs.

4 Warehouse Safety Tips That Make a Huge Difference

What’s more, the injuries that one can sustain from a warehouse accident have the potential to be significantly more severe than the types of injuries one might receive in say, an office accident. That’s why being clued-up on the latest warehouse safety tips is absolutely key. If you are wondering how to keep your employees safe in your warehouse, read on to find out.

  1. Introduce Warehouse Safety Tips Best Practice

One of the most important business safety tips we can offer is to ensure that everyone in your team is fully-versed in warehouse safety best practices. This means conducting introductory and regular training on all of the best safety practices in your warehouse.

This includes teaching all staff how to safely handle and lift stock, how to evacuate in the event of a fire, and how to assess danger levels in every situation. When your team knows how to work safely, accidents are much less likely.

  1. Focus on Slips, Trips, and Falls First

While there are many business safety topics worth covering, slips, trips, and falls are the most pressing danger in any warehouse environment. Falls in the workplace is one of the deadliest hazards in the warehouse industry, so prevening these should be your priority. There are many ways to approach this.

First, ensure your floorspace is totally even and free of debris at all times. Ensure your warehouse floor space is kept clean, clear, and tidy throughout the day. Use regulation ladders and ensure that everyone knows how to use them. Make ample use of warning signs to keep everyone alert.

  1. Appoint a Safety Ambassador

Given that your warehouse safety is so closely related to the success of your business and your bottom line, you should invest in a qualified safety ambassador. You can select a member of your team to undergo safety ambassador training. After this, it will be their job to ensure the total safety of the team and speak up for the team whenever there is a safety issue that must be addressed.

This will take the load off of management and ensure you are compliant with safety standards. You can click for more information on safety ambassador programs.

  1. Ensure Everyone Has PPE

Finally, ensuring everyone has adequate PPE is one of the essential safety tips for businesses. If your team does not have access to the appropriate protective gear, you may even be breaking the law.

This includes helmets, goggles, and appropriate footwear for your warehouse. It means easy access to fire blankets and extinguishers. It means access to a chemical shower station if you are working with hazardous chemicals. Stay educated and make sure you have all of the PPE that is required for every employee.

Keep Your Business Safe and Successful in 2021

Following these warehouse safety tips will keep your employees safe and help your business grow in the year ahead. For more essential growth tips for 2021, we have got you covered. Make sure to check out our Business section for more up-to-date information on what you can do to keep your business thriving.

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