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4 Ways To Optimize Your Sports Watching Experience This FallOctober is coming, and that means football season is underway and baseball’s World Series is just around the corner. That means that now is the perfect time to upgrade the family den so that it is ready for the watching the playoffs and all the Sunday football matchups. Here are 5 necessities to improve the sports viewing experience.

1. Better than Stadium Seating

Without a doubt, one of the most important ways to improve your Sunday football experience is to find a recliner that fits you. Whether it is a traditional sofa or a cushy armchair, the couch is a friend who you will spend a lot of time with this fall.

Good House Keeping offers many helpful tips for selecting the right recliner. It notes that “recliners are like shoes—looks are important, but comfort is key.” So when shopping for the greatest stadium seat ever, you should probably take some time to sit in different styles and test them out.

Learn how important head and neck support are to you and what you prefer as far as foam density. Durability is another important factor. Leather upholstery is probably the surest guarantee but is also more costly. Other options such as microfiber are becoming popular. You might also be interested in a specialty chair that offers a massage or is an electric recliner. Once you’ve picked it out and made it a home in your TV room, you can spend the rest of the season spectating from your favorite throne.

2. Stock the Cooler 

For permanent den dwellers, making sure that provisions will hold out for the season is an important consideration. Along with filling the mini fridge with refreshments, you may want to try some new recipes. Crock pots offer great ways to make appetizers like Swedish meatballs or mini sausages. They can also be used for meals like shredded pork sandwiches.

3. It’s All About the TV

If you are a serious sports fan, then your TV is probably a pretty important part of your routine. Most avid followers already have the latest and greatest in HD picture quality and crystal clarity screens.

When it comes to television screens, say reviewers at CNet, bigger might actually be better. Consider brightness along with picture quality and don’t overlook plasma when it comes to value for the price.

After you’ve selected the best TV for your needs, it is also important to position your entertainment center in an optimal spot. Perhaps you need a TV stand at just the right height, or maybe you will opt for a wall mounted screen.

4. Surround Sound

Your home stadium is almost complete. The last component is superior 5.1 surround sound technology. You will definitely want to make sure that your audio quality matches the amazing picture on your new TV. Clear sound can match your amazing screen and make it feel just like you’re at the game complete with roaring fans and the thunder of running cleats.

With these 4 essentials, the avid fan is on his or her way to enjoying a fantastic season no matter which team is winning.

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