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Deer hunting season is short, but the rewards can be huge if you’re prepared. Rarely will the trophy buck ever be harvested by the hunter who was unprepared for the hunt. Whether it’s your first hunting season ever or you’re a regular pro, use the off-season to get you and your gear prepared for next hunting season. That way, when the trophy buck comes into your sights, you will be ready.


Sight in Rifles and Bows


Get your rifles and bows sighted in during the off-season so you can get in plenty of target practice. You will also save time by going in the off-season because the lines will be long at shooting range a week prior to opening day. Doing this step before hunting season hits will allow you to have the most accurate aim as possible. It can end up making a big difference in the outcome of your hunts. You will be ahead of the game by getting target practice and will impress all your hunting friends.


Get in Shape


Get your shooting gear and yourself in good shape for hunting season. Deer hunting requires energy and stamina for walking miles deep into the woods and hauling out a fresh kill. Transforming from being a couch potato during the spring and summer into an energetic deer hunter that can get up before dawn and walk for miles is going to take a little work. Do moderate exercises during the off-season that includes weight lifting for arm strength and walking for endurance. Go even further by hiking or even trail running during the warmer months. This will prepare you for any rough terrain you might encounter on your hunting trips.


Get Hunting Gear in Shape


Check all hunting gear and make sure everything is in working order. Sharpen knives, replenish supplies, purchase ammo and other needed equipment. After laundering and fabric items in your favorite scent-killing detergent, let all fabric items air out in the sun to help get rid of any lingering human scent.


Tents, sleeping bags, back packs, jackets, etc., can hold onto human scent and should be left outside in the sun for a few days to help eliminate odors that a deer might detect. Late summer is the ideal time to let gear air out and check it out at the same time.


If you are in the market for some new hunting equipment, this can be a great time to invest in them as well. Chances are there will be better deals on equipment during the off-season. Take advantage of this and use it is an opportunity for preparation. Stock up on any supplies that you might be missing or need to replace since last hunting season.



Visit Landowners


If you are looking to expand your hunting territory, visit landowners in the area you would like to hunt in during the off-season. Waiting until deer hunting season has begun to pay a landowner a visit is often perceived as rude and will get the door shut in your face. You will also be risking large crowds and less time you are able to spend on the actual hunt.


Offer to exchange some work for hunting rights on the property, but be sure to get written permission to protect yourself. If you live in a populated area where hunting land is scare, consider a managed hunt on a ranch like blackbuck antelope hunting ranch. That will allow you to have the full experience of a hunting trip without worrying about planning the details yourself.


If you are planning on a big hunting trip, book your accommodations or camp ground early. Once hunting season hits, the demand will be large and chances are places will get booked quickly. Think ahead and do research to find the best places to hunt and find accommodation that will allow you to relax after the long day.


The off-season is the ideal time to prepare for deer hunting. There’s plenty of time and plenty to be done in preparation for harvesting that trophy buck that all deer hunters dream of. Be ahead of the game and use the above four tips for preparing for your next hunting trip and make next season memorable.