4 Ways You Can Prepare For Summer Lawn Care Right Now

4 Ways You Can Prepare For Summer Lawn Care Right Now

Well before the weather starts to warm up, there are quite a few steps that you can take to prepare your lawn for sweltering outdoor temperatures. With a little bit of preventative maintenance and some hard work, you can make sure that your lawn remains healthy and beautiful in the coming months.

4 Ways You Can Prepare For Summer Lawn Care Right Now

Inspect and Repair the Irrigation System

If you live in an area that gets freezing temperatures, then you can inspect and test the irrigation system after the last frost of the season. That includes checking all of the sprinkler heads, spigots, and hoses throughout your property for any signs of damage. You should also turn the system on to see if the pump is still working properly. Pump repairs should be carried out well before the first major heatwave of the year.


Reseeding the lawn is one of the most important steps of landscaping, and this task should usually be carried out within the first few weeks of spring and right as fall is coming to an end. Before you seed your lawn, you must make sure that you correctly identify which type of grass you have. Mixing different species could alter the appearance of your lawn and negatively impact the health of the soil.

Test the Soil

At least once a year, those who have lawns should test their soil with an inexpensive testing kit from a local home improvement center. That type of test is going to tell you exactly which nutrients should be added to the soil to help the grass grow. Testing the soil will also give you more information on the pH balance of the dirt, and that information will be very important if you have to treat any diseases.

Service and Maintain Lawn Care Equipment

Homeowners who care for their own lawns should spend a little bit of time servicing all of their landscaping equipment a few weeks before they begin working out in their yards. At the very least, you will need to start up all of your equipment to ensure that it is working properly. Some of that equipment might also require basic maintenance tasks such as lubing the moving parts, replacing the fluids, and sharpening the blades.

Caring for a lawn is an ongoing process that requires quite a bit of work, but the results are going to be worth it. An eye-catching and healthy lawn could greatly increase the value of your property and boost your home’s curb appeal.

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