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Are you Ready to Travel Back in Time?

Be ready to visit “the island of fire!” Menorca is a place where your dreams can come true!

Many different monuments of ancient Menorca can be seen here. You will be amazed by libels – megalithic tombs in the shape of an inverted boat and Taulu used for immolation.

1. Reveal All Secrets of the First Water Filtration System in Torre d’en Galmes!

Location: Alaior and Son Bou, Minorca, Spain
GPS position: 39.899283, 4.078557
Working hours: Tue-Sun—10.00 – 14.00; 17.00-20.000
Price range: 2,40 Euro, in winter -free
Parking: free

5 Ancient Ruins Which Are Worth Visiting In Menorca!

Do you want to see the largest archaeological site ever?

Let’s find out more about the place located between Alaior and Son Bou!

That town belongs to the Talayotic era of the 1400 BC. Three talayots with stone towers were used to see the enemies reaching the town.

If you are looking for the best place with amazing panorama, here it is – Torre d’en Galmes.

T-shaped stone column is considered to be the sanctum known as Taula. You can explore the house with a cave and water saving system with underground tanks.

2. Explore Ancient Torralba d’en Salord Village!

Location: Carretera de Alaior a Cala Porter, Mahon, Minorca, Spain
GPS position: 39.88733, 4.259619
Working hours: April- May, October: Mon- Sat 10:00 -18:00
June -September: Mon- Sat 10:00 -20:00
November – March: Mon – Friday 10:00 – 14:00
Price range: Adults 3,50 Euro; Children 2 Euro
Parking: Available

5 Ancient Ruins Which Are Worth Visiting In Menorca!

Only in 1973 the first excavations could find some remnants of that village. Famous Taula Torralba has 5m height and makes it one of the most prominent places for viewing the town.

The artifacts found here confirm that this place was used for religious rituals with sacrificial gifts.

You can find not only items and buildings from the 1000 AC here, but some examples of 14th BC like two talayotes, a few silos and tombs.

Do not wonder if you see a house of the 17th century with a small chapel and some more fantastic things!

3. Visit extraordinary Castle Of San Felipe built in a star shape!

Location: Carretera de Sant Felip, S/N. 07720 Es Castell, 07720 Mahon, Minorca, Spain
GPS position: 39.88733, 4.259619
Working hours: June- -September: Thu and Sun 10.00- 18.00
October- November, March-May: Sat 10.00-18.00
Price range: Adults 5 Euro; Children under 12 free
Parking: Available

You won’t see anything similar to that castle. Why? It is built in extraordinary ways.

Juan Calvi tried to build a really special building in the form of a star with four ends, surrounded by a moat with no water.

In 1805 the castle was destroyed by Spanish. You will find only the remnants of the big castle like high points for observation, underground caves and gunpowder stores.

Various tunnels which were used to reach the safe place are still in a good condition.

The castle belongs to the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, do not miss it!

4. Amazing Altar in Taula de Trepuco!

Location: 07700 Sant Lluis es, Minorca, Spain
GPS position: 39.86543, 4.225702
Working hours: free
Price range: free
Parking: available

5 Ancient Ruins Which Are Worth Visiting In Menorca!

This old village is located near the capital Maó. Margaret Murray firstly discovered this ancient village in 1931.

Now we have a chance to see a huge talayot. Smaller ones are joined to the stone buildings. They were used to defend from the enemies.

In very good condition are a few houses and a taula-religious altar. Taula de Trepucó was reconstructed in the 20th century. You can see that all remnants of the buildings are placed around the main taula.

5. Find your Favourite Cave in Talati de Dalt!

Location: Carretera Mao-Ciutadella a 3 Km | Mahon, 07700 Ciutadella, Minorca
GPS position: 39.999116, 3.838905
Working hours: free
Price range: free
Parking: available

5 Ancient Ruins Which Are Worth Visiting In Menorca!

Talati de Dalt is a prehistoric site located 4 km from the central road. A community of shepherds and farmers inhabited the town in the 3rd century BC.

The remnants belong to the pretalayotic, talayótica, Roman, late Roman and Muslim period, according to the documents of archeologists.

You can enjoy the appearance of two side talayotes, ruins of some houses talayotic circular, areas for dead people.

So-called private area includes houses and hypostyle rooms.

Taula is the part most attracted by tourists. The column fall down on top of taula by accident, and nowadays they are both still in equilibrium.

How to see the Best Places in Menorca?

5 Ancient Ruins Which Are Worth Visiting In Menorca!

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