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As anyone running a business knows, you have to be mindful of costs while still getting the resources and equipment that are necessary to get the job done while allowing room for growth. This means that you shouldn’t invest in goods or services that only meet your needs right now but will need to be upgraded when you experience growth. A file sharing program or service is also one that requires careful consideration. Does your business even need a file sharing service? Most small business experts would agree that you do. There are many benefits to file sharing for your business, and here are five of them.

Share Larger Files

There are several limits to sending files via email and instant messaging, and the biggest flaw with those messages is the limitations on the size of files. Some businesses need to send documents that consist of more than just a few pages or images. Law firms, retail businesses and healthcare practices all use paperwork, video or sound files extensively, often resulting in larger file sizes. A good file sharing service will let you upload and exchange these larger files without size limitations.

5 Benefits Of File Sharing For Your Business

Keep Files Secure

Another problem with email is that file transfer is not always as secure as it should be. One hopes that the email gets to its intended recipient, but as most people know, that is not always the case. Sometimes emails get lost or go to spam, but they can also go to unintended parties. This is a big liability for businesses that deal with confidentiality. For those businesses, a file sharing system is best.

Easily Share Files

One thing that businesses love about file sharing services is the ease of which files can be shared with others in the organization. Without the hassle of emails, files can be uploaded, downloaded and worked on right from the file sharing service. Some even work well with mobile devices meaning that your employees can have full access even while on the go for conferences, workshops and other business trips.

5 Benefits Of File Sharing For Your Business

Enhance Collaboration

In order to cut down on overhead, many businesses employ remote workers or contractors to provide a number of their services. By using cloud storage, you can ensure that those remote workers have access to the same information that your full time staff does. They are better able to collaborate with the best of the team because they have the same resources to work with.

Allow Flexibility with Work

In line with collaboration, file sharing enables employers to offer incentives like working at home a few days a week without worrying that employees won’t have what they need. Cloud file sharing services can give them access anytime, anywhere. As a business owner, you need to be able to offer a variety of incentives in order to attract the best talent to your workplace.

As you can see, the benefits are many and the drawbacks are few when it comes to businesses and file sharing. For organizations that want to expand and attract the best talent, file sharing provides opportunities for both by improving flexibility and accessibility. This article has been provided to you by ShareFile.