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A lot of teenagers are confused on what exercise routines that they should be following in order to achieve a fit and healthy body without having to affect their growth.See the problem is, working out for teens may be a bit trickier compared to adults since they are still young and still growing. This means that too much of weight lifting and tremendous exercise could make them look good physically but their internal body organs may be affected negatively. This article will provide the five best exercise routines for teen agers.

5 Best and Effective Exercise Routines For Teens


A thirty minute run each day works best for any type of body including a teenage body.  Teen ager athletes add up running routine plus exercise routines together with their sport trainings.  Any activity or sport that will basically increase a person’s heart rate is best to achieve a great cardiovascular workout. For basket players, find a court and do sprints.  From the base line, run to the foul line then run back to the base line.  From the base line, run to the half court, and then run back to the base line, the far foul line and back and to the other baseline and back.  Running the court ten times in less than a minute is also one of the best ways to do running routine.

The Push-ups

One of the most effective exercise routines that do not require going to the gym and paying expensive membership fees are doing push-ups.  Teens might think that push-ups don’t really have an effect but doing a push-up routine doesactually affect one’s body in a good way.  In order to do the proper kind of push-up all you have to do is simply lie down on stomach with hand placed underneath the chest spread shoulder-width apart then push all the way up, extending the arms fully and keeping the legs and back straight.  Go back down until the chin touches the ground and then push up again. Start off by doing three sets of 10. The goal should be at least 50 push-ups each day.

Sit ups

It is during the teenage years when a person has a dream of having a toned and flat stomach.  Therefore, doing sit ups is a great exercise routine. Once a person reaches the age of 35-40, it will be much harder for him or her to achieve a flat tummy or to have a set of abs.  Do at least 15 sit ups per set and try hard to achieve 50 sit ups per day for best results.

Pull ups

Most of the teenage boys want to have big biceps and triceps while a lot of teenage girls wish to get rid of flabby arms.  Pull ups are the solution to these issues.  Doing pull ups regularly in exercise routines guarantees a long lasting result for the body.  There is no standard weight requirement for teen agers, as long as the weight is stable enough to hold one’s weight.  Place the hands spread shoulder-width apart on a bar above the head, and pull the entire body up until the chin is over the bar. Star by doing three sets of five and then proceed on doing 50 a day which is the recommended goal for this exercise routine.

Jumping Jacks

This is the easiest exercise routine and most fun.  It requires the least effort but it’s a good way to loosen up the muscles.  It is also best for good blood circulation and keeps the body alive and energetic.  Start doing 50 each day before starting the entire exercise routines.

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